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In a post-9/11 society, in relation to any type of bomb, we think of suicide bombers instead of remembering what happened on August 6, 1945. On this day, horrifying amounts of innocent civilian lives were lost and many were injured because of one decision. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima changed everything. The US had to find some way to address the abundant lives that were taken by the Japanese undoubtedly in Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Theater. But the US retaliated by  killing innocent and defenseless men, women, and children. One of the main events that was responsible for first atomic bomb being dropped in WWII on Japan was the Pacific Theatre it was one the main changing moments of the war,such as the Japanese were taking over large amounts of land from China in 1942.But then the battle of Midway took place on the Solomon Islands.Which this made the Japanese pull for the fact of the US caught them on their heels in the battle.Another key event that took place was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. To give you an idea of this day the Japanese had approximately two-hundred aircrafts torpedo planes ,bombers,  and fighters in the first wave of the attack on Pearl Harbor. In just the first thirty-minutes the USS Arizona was destroyed , and USS Oklahoma was capsized. Essentially none of the US fighter planes made it off the ground for the main reason of the Hickam and Wheeler airfields were obliterated by the consecutive bombing of the Japanese planes. Not only that but also the Nevada,West Virginia ,California were all sunk in shallow water which never made it to sea. There was around one hundred and eighty US aircrafts that were demolished 3,400 US soldiers that were injured 2,300 were killed, Japan only lost at least 30-60 planes and a few submarines that’s all. There have been several inquiries that concern the atomic bombs which include the selection of the targets and the decision as to when the bombs would be used. The United States had several reasonings for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in Japan. Reasons include that Americans wanted to force Japan’s surrender as quickly as possible in order to minimize American casualties. Furthermore, the United States needed to use the atomic bomb before the Soviet Union entered the war against Japan to establish United States dominance afterwards. Moreover, the United States wanted to use the world’s first atomic bomb for an actual attack and observe the effect. It is evident, that within research the United States was in a hurry to drop the bomb. After successfully testing history’s first atomic explosion at Trinity, New Mexico the order was drop only a few short days later. The bomb had a large impact on Hiroshima, the bomb was dropped on the city centre, which is an area crowded with wooden residential structures and places of business. These factors meant that the death toll and destruction was very high. The firestorm that took place destroyed almost thirteen square kilometers of the city. There were almost 63% of the buildings that were completely destroyed after the bombing and nearly 92% of the structures in the city had been either destroyed or damaged by blast and fire. There were about two hundred thousand people that died as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima. There was a large impact with the bombing on Nagasaki, the excessive damage from the bombing was limited to the Urakami Valley and part of downtown Nagasaki. The centre of the harbor and the historic district were shielded from the blast by the hills around the Urakami River. The nuclear bombing did prove to be devastating where the death toll and destruction was less than in Hiroshima. It is believed that up to 140,000 people died in total as a result of the bombing of Nagasaki. The bomb in Nagasaki bomb was more powerful, however the narrowing effect of the surrounding hills did mean that physical destruction in the Valley was greater than in Hiroshima. The long term effects of the atomic bomb being dropped is the high amounts of radiation that the civilians were exposed to. The results of the high amounts of radiation are birth defects in newborn babies and cancer percentages have elevated in the survivors of the blast. Not only in the survivors but in the babies of the survivors they have had birth defects too. Not only that the life expectancy in a lot of the survivors have been shorter and, they have had to have certain tests to be ran on them more than usual.


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