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In today’s dynamic world things change every moment. The expectation varies every minute and the target is no more static. It keeps evolving and is a moving target. In spite of all these the CEO of any organisation must hold the fort and keep marching towards his goals. They must play several roles within the same suit without harming he execution and the business results. Their priorities include being futuristic, commitment to business profits, fostering technology usage and Business growth.In a recent PwC’s 21st CEO survey, “Whats on the mind of 1293 CEOs around the world?”, few things came up very heavy as the top threats globally. Among the top 10 threats across the globe spanning from Northern America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, CEE, Middle East and Africa were the below;Now if we look at the priorities outlined the most important factors which would play a role in accomplishing them with ease and a proper balance would be People, People and People.We cannot expect technologies to turn around things unless it is effectively understood and implement. Baring to the idea that eventually technology would shape things better than humans, it is very obvious to utilise and people at the right situation than in all situations.Traditionally People functions have always been considered as the support arm and is marginally involved in decision making process. However, we tend to ignore the fact that these functions are responsible for the upbringing of the most important asset of any organisation which is PEOPLE. The guide below is an attempt to conceptualises the mindset that top executives should consider making the most of the People Analytics functions. This reliability would foster top executives to make rational decisions than more on their gut. We frame this as TABOO ™ since it’s a myth restricting the involvement of a certain community in the fair decision-making model.T – Trust is HR processesA – acknowledging the need for People AnalyticsB – Bureaucracy getting eliminatedO – often but not alwaysO – Of course People Analytics makes a difference / Opportunities created


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