In particularly against Japan. This emphasis of

In modern day politics, it would seem that the trend shows a resurgence
in nationalism.


E.g. In India, Narendra Modi, who is often referred
to as a Hindu nationalist, won a sweeping general-election victory.

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E.g. Nationalist parties made big gains in the
elections to the European Parliament, with France’s National Front and
Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) topping the polls.

E.g. Scottish nationalists came unnervingly close
to winning a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

E.g. Nationalist rhetoric also surged in Vladimir
Putin’s Russia, as the Kremlin rallied domestic support for the annexation of
Crimea by using the Russian media to portray the outside world as hostile, even


A possible reason for this trend could be the widespread disillusion
with political and business elites, after years of disappointing economic
growth. This is a common factor that underpins resurgent nationalism across the


E.g. Western Europe is in anger at high levels of

E.g. In Russia, there is still lingering
humiliation about the collapse of the Soviet Union and nostalgia for
great-power status.

E.g. In Asia, the shifting balance of power has
encouraged nations such as China and South Korea to focus on historical
grievances, particularly against Japan. This emphasis of emotions from the past
have only added fuel to the fire.

E.g. America is outraged at the growth of Islamic
States, stoking an appetite for a return to a more assertive and militarised
foreign policy. This could perhaps be the reason for Donald Trump’s popularity
during the elections, as he constantly expressed his dissatisfaction at the
current situation, thus garnering the agreement and support of the public. 


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