In of Automobile Engineering, Pillai College of

In my capacity as Head of Department of Automobile
Engineering, Pillai College of Engineering, Panvel, I have known Deepak for the
past 3 years. I have taught him Materials Technology in the fourth semester and
also guided him for his final year project.

During my association with Deepak, I found him to be
a promising and dedicated student with an analytical bent of mind. As a Professor,
I work with many students who have substantial knowledge of their subjects.
Each year, I notice that only a few outstanding students offer a unique
perspective and make an earnest effort to embrace and carry forward what they
have learnt in college Deepak is, undoubtedly, among those few. He has been
among the brightest students in class and has exhibited considerable interest
in engineering material structures and bonds, He frequently discussed with me
the intricate details related to the same. During these interactions with
Deepak, I was happy to see that he had a good grasp in these subjects. I am
sure that he would make a successful researcher through his consistent hard
work and determination.

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Deepak’s immense interest in material science caused
him to select his final year project related to advanced material i.e.
composites. Though all the concepts were new to him he made an effort to learn
everything he could about the composites. This knowledge of his he displayed in
his Pre project presentation answering all questions asked to him by the
professors. After completing their final year project and even after their
final presentation Deepak and his team mates don’t wanted to stop on that and
insisted on testing the samples which they made for 3-Point bending, seeing
their urge towards it, I took it upon myself and got those samples tested in an
advanced lab and also encouraged them to write a research paper on their

I remember an incident when we were to visit an
industry who agreed to sponsor the project after seeing a presentation on it.
Deepak and his team were already prepared their presentation and have
distributed their parts, Upon reaching the industry we were informed that due
to lack of time presentation should be not more than 8 minutes and only one
member will present. In this situation Deepak took an initiative and without
even making any changes in the presentation slides he delivered the entire
presentation in the said time. This showed not only his leadership quality but
his quick thinking and convincing ability, which bagged them a sponsorship of
50,000 Rs.

In addition to Deepak’s impressive academic
performance, a special reference has to be made about his excellent
communication skills as well. I have been observing him during a number of Presentations
and viva-voce examinations conducted by the department from time to time and
have found him communicating his ideas with great precision. Moreover, Deepak can
remain calm and composed even during extremely high pressure situations. Even
when most of the other students would get nervous when the exams would
approach, Deepak was rarely seen getting into a panic mode. He is a confident young
man and very focused about his goals in life. Deepak is also an excellent team
player, a quality that came forth during the many projects that were required
to be completed as a group activity. He has a pleasing personality and shared
an excellent rapport within his peer group, seniors and teachers. I am quite
sure that he will achieve success in any academic pursuit he undertakes.

Deepak’s high scores in practical exams and his
inquisitiveness indicate his aptitude towards research work. He can execute
research work in his field with judicious planning. His perseverance during
laboratory work is noteworthy and I strongly believe that he is very capable of
succeeding in any research endeavour he undertakes. Therefore, I feel extremely
happy to recommend him for the well-recognized research programme at your
university. I wish him good luck for all his future endeavours


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