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In speaking, we can simply ask the interlocutor to repeat the sentence (Renandya & Farrell, 2011). However, this is not the case with listening. We have little control over what the speaker is saying and the speed at which the speaker conveys his or her message. Even though, student has to find the synopsis of the film first then understand the dialogue (Latifi, Mobalegh, & Mohammadi, 2011).The better show of the participants is watching movie, beside as learn foreign language in movie has many message of motivation, when student just learn in textbook that they from the school it may the student monotony, and can’t follow the lesson, movie is one of exact method to push and make student interested to learn in English. Although, it more likely to be attaching to memorization rather than listening comprehension improvement in a similar situation (Latifi et al., 2011), and sometimes it is make some students has monotone quickly. However, we can find a short movie or film is enough, The most effective educational children’s program in history, give or take a month. For nearly forty years and more than 4,100 episodes broadcast in 120 countries, Sesame Street has used music almost nonstop throughout its programs in segments with live people, Muppet’s, or animation; video clips of people and animals; and even in the extremely popular “Elmo’s World.” It is a key tool for teaching children basic academic and life skills (Berk, n.d.). Especially for beginner this method really recommended.A single film-clip can be employed as the foundation for English skills practice: listening, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation(Khan, 2015), especially for the beginner it is the exact first step who want to know vocabulary easy, easy to memorize with the sounds of pronunciation, also by making use of films in the English classroom, students can enhance their vocabulary awareness and they can even make their pronunciation and intonation much better (Khan, 2015), also for English learners it can use for exercise to listen in real live, but student who still school or beginner commonly feel confused with the subtitle instruction, so they didn’t attention with speakers say in English it make they hard to find the means, motivation is very important to get success in learning language. Stated that motivation plays more important role in the second language learning process. Without sufficient motivation, even individuals with the most remarkable abilities cannot accomplish long-term goals, and neither are appropriate curricula and good teaching enough on their own to ensure student achievement (Pratiwi, Rosnija, Education, Program, & Training, n.d.), and some of educators instruct the student do not use subtitle by their language or their mother tongue that usually student used, use subtitle by language that they learned as the exercise, such as English movie use the subtitle by English.As the sum up I have known learning listening process really good way to make student have learn English, students also can follow the matters that can support and improve their skills. Although, it a bit hard to force student who didn’t like, but this is part of educators to develop and trained their ability and creativity to teach, movie videos provides entrance to things, places, people’s behavior and events and the opposite motivation is the key to achieve the student purpose, because of that educators should know what the need and the exciting the student, and movie is the exactly matters to follow what the grown up and can built the spirit of the students.


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