In as Tuberculosis, Cholera, Pneumonia, or Strep

In order for a cleaning solution to
successfully disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria, they must have ingredients
such as alcohols, chlorine, peroxides, or aldehydes (Antibiotic Agents). These
chemicals kill bacteria by attacking the cell membrane, a necessary component
to an organism’s life. A cell membrane is responsible for the transport of
nutrients and oxygen inside of the cell and waste to the outside. The cell
membrane is composed of a lipid bilayer which is made of long hydrocarbon
chains. The chemical Triclosan “stops the fatty acid elongation process by
inhibiting a bacterial enzyme… stealing active sites from the natural
substrate, Triclosan systematically kills bacteria by stopping fatty acid chain
growth” (What Makes Antibacterial Soap Antibacterial?) this process kills the
cell and eventually kills the bacteria. Killing dangerous bacteria aids in
keeping disease such as Tuberculosis, Cholera, Pneumonia, or Strep throat from
spreading. But some research shows that while certain types of bacteria become
resistant to these traditional compounds, there is a chance for the body to
become resistant to life saving antibiotics as well (Antibacterial Products May
Do More Harm Than Good). Because of this, some individuals avoid these harsh
chemicals and choose to use “natural” cleansers such as lemon juice or vinegar,
which also have some antimicrobial effects. But some skeptics of “natural”
cleaning methods wonder is this is an effective way to kill dangerous bacteria
and if it is safe enough to implement into individual’s everyday lives. One
experiment showed that lemon juice was successful in inhibiting the growth of
V. Cholerae, the bacteria responsible for cholera, after 30 minutes of
exposure. Because of results such as these, some claim that lemon juice or
other household items are a viable way to disinfect their home (Bactericidal
Activity of Lemon Juice).


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