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In the recent article “New York City isn’t Ready for the Catastrophic Floods in its Future”, by Kate Baggaley, it explains how New York won’t be prepared for future floods because of all the architecture. New York isn’t built to withstand the power of floods and they are ranked as the most vulnerable city in the nation to coastal flooding.. “Much of the city is protected only by sand dunes, vegetation, or low walls.” Ning Lin says that due to where New York is located, when water floods, it’s pushed into the city. It’s “at the junction of the New Jersey coast and Long Island.” Lin and her colleagues have estimated that hurricanes will shift eastward in the next few centuries, making floods not as likely. Sea levels will then rise which means that storms that due pass over New York will have higher floods. Lin and her team also looked at different ways to prevent floods along the coast but since there are so many buildings, there will most likely be minimal improvements. The city is also upgrading it’s subway system and designing buildings to be more “flood proof”. New York is also thinking about building seawalls but will be expensive. Lin says if the city is going to do anything, they need to start planning now. I chose this article because it seemed interesting and very informational. This article relates to science because it’s about the environment and weather issues. This information is beneficial because the people of New York can know new things about their city that are potentially dangerous. They can then learn what they need to do to help the issue like fund projects to help improve building and subway systems. Someone would want to study this because this is a big problem if New York can’t protect itself from floods. The city could potentially be destroyed and people need to study this so they can figure out what they can do to help the problem.


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