Importance of Understanding Cultural Diversity Essay

Cultural and Cultural diverseness continues to impact twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life doing diverseness in the workplace more common. Diverseness refers to the qualities that are different from our ain and can include race. gender. cultural group. age. personality. background and much more. Not merely does diverseness affect how people identify themselves. but how they perceive others every bit good. which. in bend. can impact their interactions in a culturally diverse work environment. Accepting and understanding the differences of any civilization. and encompassing diverseness can cut down struggle and aid squad edifice in the workplace. “Different voices of a diverse work force are respected and heard ( Bell. 2007. p. 5 ) . ”

Acknowledging and understanding cultural differences in the workplace is merely the beginning. Subordinate groups sentiments that have developed over clip may do defensive and cautious behaviours and trying to bridge the spread between dominant and low-level groups could supply better communicating. Directors and supervisors need to endeavor for a deeper cognition and apprehension of cultural differences. By set uping relationships at work with persons different from yourself. you can get down to larn the cognition that civilization may hold to offer your organisation.

Prejudice and prejudgement besides need to be addressed including the misconceptions based on cultural values or stereotypes. For illustration. it may be thought that work forces work harder at their occupations and are more committed than adult females. or that younger employees have no motive to work. or even that a Jamaican employee is lazy because of his/her laid back civilization. A director can go a function theoretical account for all employees to encompass cultural diverseness in the work topographic point by facing these prejudgements. “Managing diverseness is a comprehensive managerial procedure for developing an environment that works for all employees ( Bell. 2007. p8 ) . ”

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The bulk of nursing places have come to recognize that employees from assorted cultural and cultural back-grounds. every bit good as those of different gender can convey a wholly different position. It is going more of import to hold an apprehension of different cultural backgrounds since there are more and more patients being cared for in this state with really different cultural backgrounds. At the same clip it is indispensable that the nursing unit is running swimmingly and that patient attention is the highest precedence. Misinterpretations sing civilization or cultural background can impact the patient’s attention and his/her perceptual experience of intervention.

There has to be a balance of different civilizations. ethnicities and genders so it is of import to maintain in head the importance of doing the units every bit diverse as possible when engaging healthcare staff. In order for employees to experience comfy in the workplace and achieve satisfaction. instruction and learning on civilization and diverseness is indispensable. Thankss to the increasing instruction among nursing staff on cultural diverseness. alterations are being seen in the nursing profession.

The left-hander for a twenty-four hours was rather a challenge. Trying to cook dinner. composing. making prep was all really hard and I was unable to utilize the scissors I had since they are specifically made for being right handed. This experience gave me more of an apprehension of what it must be like for those of different civilizations to accommodate in new milieus and a new grasp for the challenges faced by those that do non suit into what society considers to be normal.


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