Importance of Education Essay

Life as you know it, deserves a proper education, without the right needs, how can you call it life when you do not enjoy it? Today I will inform you about the reasons of why you are sitting here in class and have been coming to school for the past 10 years. Well, because education is what places you in society. It shows the people surrounding how you should be treated by your actions, which can be created by the amount of education you have. Why do we have to go to school? Well because it is the best option for your future.

What would you prefer, without much education you will end up working 50 hour weeks while the other person who has a better education is making more money in half the time, Because those clothes and bills aren’t going to pay themselves and because the new clothes and the new life isn’t going to be greeting you with money. Once married or left alone outside your mothers house, you are all on your own, and if you plan on living somewhere cozy, then I suggest getting a job to pay all those bills which you will be receiving for you and your life.

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Education is the key role in life and it is what makes a person who he is. Education is what shows the people surrounding you, your occupation that can then slowly lead to your likes and dislikes. The better options the Man/Woman has, the more chances you have on finding the right person in your life. Education is the seed of life, without it, you are unable to take life to its max, to go further than beyond, to live life to the fullest. It is what makes a person think how he thinks. It is what makes a person who he is. It makes his life.

It also shows the people who he is, which result in their friendly or cruel gesture to them. With a diploma or a degree in something makes your job a lot more fun and a lot easier to do because you would be enjoying what you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have went that far in that field. The battle for jobs in between diploma’s Vs. Less educated would be a match everyone knew who would win before it even started. Education has some special abilities, of which are, better salary than the common person, healthier or happier life.

Education is the most important thing when it comes to job hunting. When job hunting, the person with a degree or a diploma in that field will do much better than someone who just passed high school. Education makes your life. It chooses your faith. With it, you can do the most things of the things people less educated than you could do. Education isn’t something that comes from laziness or something you can buy whenever you would like, instead, you have to earn it.

You have to sit here in school and listen to the teacher and the things she says you have to do, otherwise you will find your life miserable, and you won’t take it to the limit of which you can take. Life comes with some special needs to acquire the most of it. Education is the key to a good job. It will guide you throughout your life. It will choose your job, the best one for you, which will be something you prefer to do. With more money and a good job comes a better life. Why not enjoy life, enjoy it with all the money education rolled in.

All the time you spent in school and all the time spent studying and getting good marks finally pays off. Now since you have your great job, what now? Well, now you keep the money and live a good life. How, well, you eat the best things possible and do the things possible. With the perfect job and the perfect life, depending on what you want to do, you could have shopping sprees everyday. Education isn’t something that should be played as a joke, this is the thing that will choose your faith and then, the rest is up to you.

Don’t be afraid to spend money when you have lots of it, remember, the money you are getting isn’t from doing anything, its form working hard all those years in school, so enjoy it and Do “The Right Thing” Education makes a man who he is and what he does. It chooses his faith and when he is on the right path, he leaves him on his own, to make his own decisions with his new life with Education. It shows the surrounding people who you are, what you like and what you don’t. Education has to be used the right way to be drive out the most of life. Only education can help you in the future, so why abuse it, and take it if you can!


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