Implementation of a Workplace Stress Management Program Will Improve Productivity Essay

Implementation of a Workplace Stress Management Program will improve productivity Team Presentations: (30%) Each team will research and present, in both an oral and written format, its position on a topic related to organizational behaviour or human resource management. The topic may relate to a challenging issue at work, one that is critical for organizational success, or is something that the group simply finds interesting and worth exploring in some detail.

The group’s task is to conduct research on the topic, to prepare and deliver a maximum 10 minute presentation, and to submit a maximum 1500 word document. The class presentation will be followed by a 10-15 minute discussion. During this period, each group will be asked to answer questions or to pose questions of classmates to more fully explore the topic. Once you’ve decided on your topic, you will need to develop a “point-of-view statement”, i. e. the position you are taking.

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In other words, this is not a “general research” project. Instead it is intended to be “framed research” that supports a point of view or recommendation. For example, a presentation/report labeled “stress in the workplace” is too vague, whereas “why managing stress in the workplace is a personal matter,not an organizational one” is a more appropriate topic; it signals a position on the part of the authors. All groups are required to submit their “point-of-view statement” to me before proceeding with their assignment.

The research should be based on sources at your disposal and must be properly referenced. In general, published articles bear more credibility than do web page references. All reports relating to the presentation are to be submitted through the course drop box by 11:55 PM of your group’s presentation day. January 26, 2010 Submitted to Dr Stephen Long BUS 515 Royal Roads University Master of Business Administration Submitted by: Rick Burt 1. Introduction

Occupational stress has been of great concern to the management, employees and other stakeholders of organizations. Occupational stress reasearchers agree stress is a serious problem in many organization 1Workplace stress his paper will address give evidence and case arguably one of the most serious and topic may relate to a challenging issue at work, one that is critical for organizational success 2. Background Bibliography ——————————————– [ 1 ]. 1 {{19 Ongori,Henry 2008;}}


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