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By 2030, Qatar intends to be an advance society that is capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its people. The National Vision addresses 4 major challenges facing Qatar: Human development, Social Development, Economic development and Environment development. For human development, Qatar will enable people to participate in the global renaissance through establishing a strong educational and sophisticated health system.

Qatar aims to build a solid educational foundation to keep pace with its global standards by following an educational curriculum through training programs that fits the labor market and people ambitions. Moreover, Qatar is working improving its healthcare and remedial services to enhance the health community in Qatar with an affordable cost for everyone. Furthermore, Qatar will aim to encourage Qataris to hold senior management positions, and increase employment opportunities for women by developing their qualifications through training programs for both the public and private sectors.

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Another pillar that Qatar is developing for the 2030 vision is the social development. For social care and protection, Qatar makes sure its citizens are always capable of being flexible when dealing with the life requirements. This is obtained by offering them; support, care, and social protection. Qatar is also developing the sound social structure which aims on building a safe, secure, and stable society based on strong, effective institutions that promote tolerance, benevolence, constructive dialogue, and openness toward other culture, while still holding on to the Islamic identity.

Qatar is also taking care of its international cooperation, as it will make sure it reflect its role within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League, and the Organization of Islamic Conference. It will also show responsibility in different political matters including international security and peace. In addition, economic Development is also an important part of building 2030 vision.

Qatar’s economy has undergone a lot of development in the last few years. Opening up to the global market with vitality and activity. Resulting with a continuous development for the next generations, through saving the resources. In addition, the oil and gas exploitation, helped in the maintenance of sustainable development such as building perfect infrastructure, creating labor force with qualifications, and supporting people with entrepreneurship.

Qatar also seeks to protect its environment by balancing between economic growth, and social development in respect of the environmental matters, also by dealing with local environmental issues, such as the effects of pollution and environmental degradation. As it consider different environment subjects: air, land, water and biological diversity. As well, making sure that its people are aware, and encouraged to use the environmental sound technologies. In conclusion, for Qatar to continue developing, it should make sure that the 2030 goals are reached.


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