If I Ruled the World Sample Essay

If I ruled the universe?
That’s a spot of a large inquiry
Don’t you think?
If I ruled the world…
I don’t cognize what I’d do foremost
There’s so much I’d privation to make
Well. so I guess I
Get back to this
Calculating out what to repair first concern

I wouldn’t force anyone to believe something
That’s for certain
It would be like a democracy
Except I rule over everything
Okay. possibly non a democracy
Abrasion that
I’d be a sort empror
Let’s go with that
But I’d listen to the people

I wouldn’t say “BELIEVE THIS! ! ! ”
Jostle it down their pharynxs
I would do Torahs. though
And they’d have to be abided
I’d instead like to maintain free address
Would criminalizing book firing muss with free address?
Abrasion that. excessively
I’d give a good chiding to anyone who did it. though
And criminalizing war

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Well. who the snake pit is traveling to listen to that anyhow?
I’d likely break that jurisprudence myself
( Hey. no one’s perfect )
Possibly I’d have scientists work extra difficult
On doing electric autos that look great
And aid salvage our environment
Yeah. I like that

Get all of the scientists together
And unite the exchequers of the universe
So I can pay for-
But I’d instead like to put a worldwide jurisprudence
And I’d like to feed the hungry
And give a place for the homeless
You know
This “what would you make first” concern
Is harder than I thought it would be

Why am I even fighting so hard with this?
It’s non like I’m of all time traveling to govern the universe
What’s the large trade?
I think I’ll go worry about something else
Like that prep that’s due
Or the fact that I’m somewhat hungry

That nutrient thing is the most urgent. really
I’m traveling to acquire something to eat
Possibly I’ll acquire back to you when
I’ve had a poulet sandwich
After all
I can’t govern the universe
If I don’t have something to eat foremost.


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