Icegator marketing plan Essay

Icegator marketing plan

Industry Analysis:

            The ice fishing industry has paved its way into the advent and existence of the electric ice augers which has been a boon for the users and those who are involved in this profession. Thus this invention has helped many from the manual labor work which had to be used by way of the old ice augers or the manual powered ice drillers. Thus the electric ice augers has been an addition into the industry which overcomes the shoulder pains and the troubles which have been created by the manual drillers because of the fact that ice fishing has always been in the cold in most of the cases.

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            Fishing is normally considered as a part time for most people, a time to get out of the houses and have some chill and fun in the whole process of fishing. Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing and industrial are some of the fishing industries that have been existed in the Maine since the 1800s. It has also been a day of friendship and entertainment in the cold winters for those who are in love with ice. This industry has been able to employ around 26,000 jobs and also had been able to make a huge road path of $860 million towards contribution to the state’s economy with special reference to Maine.

Company Profile: Pavati Manufacturing, LLC:

            Pavati Manufacturing is headed by Greg Pepple, the President and Matt Mazzola, the Vice President of the company who had its dream almost four years ago to invent an electric ice auger which could outperform the functions and the need for a gas ice auger drive which creates huge problems for the user because of its weight, less efficient in terms of time and the gases which evolve during its process of functioning. After long many years of conducting research and development to come up with the various designs and identifying the requirements of the customers, the firm finally came up with an icegator by overcoming all the challenges that arose and succeeding to meet its objective in an efficient and effective manner by counter attacking the competitors.

            The company deals with a wide product range which includes drive unit adapter shaft, adapter shaft for hand auger, Battery 12 volt 9ah lead acid sealed, Battery charger for 12 volt batteries, Icegator drive for 8” auger bits etc. The various dealers which help the firm in making the products available are Franks Great Outdoors in linwood, Bare’s Sport Shop in St. Charles, Knutson’s Recreational Sales, Inc. in Brooklyn, in New York and in many centers across the United States and the neighboring places.

            The various competitors for this electric ice auger are the gas ice augers and the manual ice augers which is also termed as an Eskimo ice auger. The Eskimo ice auger is a manual tool which is of the hard crank variety and is very slow and troublesome for the user because of its heavy weight. The only advantage being that it’s non reliance of fuel or the battery. While the gas augers depend on unleaded fuel or oil and as long as this is available, it will have the power to drill the ice. In certain cases the fisherman will be short of fuel or oil which will in turn hamper the work of the day.

Product Profile:

·         Pavati Manufacturing LLC is a company which is first of its kind in the manufacture of 24 volt electric icegator which is known for its light weight and high speed which helps in the process of drilling through the ice floors.

·         The main aim and the objective of the company is to design a high tech product which gives an electric force to their state of the art technology drill ice twice faster than any model used even by way of gas method.

·         Pavati Manufacturing also thought of this model in order to experiment the driller instrument which would drill in minimum of 25 holes through three ice feet deep with the usage of a single battery charge which is very easy to replace and change and remove it from ice as soon as the act is done.

·         Pavati Manufacturing is the first company to invent the fastest ice auger in the world which has the capability of speed cutting five inches per second through hard ice.

·         The product is unique because of its silent and quiet functioning which do not produce any fumes or gases and has absolutely no problems in starting unlike the gas models which exists.

·          It also functions as an integral reverse switch by power cleaning the hole that has been made during ice fishing.

·         The icegator is lighter in weight which is known to be approximately 2 pounds lighter as compared to its competitors.

·         The electric ice augers are at an advantage because of its rechargeable batteries which make the power drilling at any point of time and in any circumstances easier. Thus by just carrying some already recharge, they cad batteries the people could make their trip fruitful and functional.

·          Since they are light weight, they can be moved from one place to another with no additional cost.

The different parts which the icegator constitutes are: The complete drive unit, batteries in a set of two, battery charger also in a set of two and an Adaptor shaft for the hand auger.

The final motive behind this firm is thinking of the future thereby posing a challenge to the other means like the gas drives thus providing easy accessibility and availability to those who have a passion or other reasons for ice fishing specially the fisher folks who dreaded to fish in the ice.

Goals of the Marketing Plan:

·         The main objective of the marketing plan is to engage itself in shaping the future of the business unit.

·         Thus inventing the electric ice drive it has plans to meet up with competition by increasing and maintaining market share and achieving the profits thereby overcoming the main problems and concerns which arise for the company.

·         Spotting the needs of the target customers, the various segments of the consumers and translating them into the suitable product category thereby generating profits at its business level is the main task at hand for Pavati Manufacturing.

The marketing planning and the marketing strategy have been able to met up to the goals by following the structure required as stated below.

·         Analyzing the marketing environment and identifying the SWOT

·         Carrying out internal appraisal

·         Setting up the objectives required for marketing

·         Formulating the marketing strategies for the business unit

·         Implementing marketing plans and programmes

·         Arriving at a suitable and achievable marketing budget

Problems encountered and issue analysis:

àIn Alaska, at all the lakes coming up with ice fishing houses may not be possible as a result of which in certain cases putting up little portable wind shelters are very much common.  àIce fishing cannot be carried out at any time of the year or at any time for which special care has to be taken to go for ice fishing when the ice is safely frozen, which normally should be 1 foot thick. à Warmer days are more pleasant than any other season in places like Alaska. à The suitable months in Alaska for ice fishing could be from October to November through March and April. àCertain supplies are very much necessary for ice fishing to take place which includes an ice fishing pole, fishing hooks, an ice auger to scoop and drill into the frozen ice, an ice strainer to remove the access ice, a bucket to sit on and carry things into used mostly if there are many things to carry etc.

The huge challenge that they could be faced with are the changes in the weather conditions and the fluctuating temperature which are the foremost problem areas for ice fisherman during the winters
It requires great efforts to set the various accessories and be ready for fishing to take place despite the fact that the whole process involves tactical thinking phenomenon.
During the winter season, underwater style tip-ups are required for the fishing line and the reels to be away from getting frozen.
Require huge maintenance and if maintained properly in terms of ding it correctly and at the right time it can last for a longer time.

Seasonal Changes:

As said above that warmer days could be ideal for ice fishing to be carried out and this holds true for those who ice fish for the purpose of existence and subsistence in majority of the cases. But chilly and colder weather is more suitable for those who ice fish for the sake of entertainment and pleasure and as a part of sporty activity. For ice fishing to be taken ahead positively, the ice conditions should be viable and suitable for those who fish with the weather. If the ice is thin, it could be another reason for ice fishing not to be taken place and if this weather changes take place it will hamper the ice fishing industry in a vast and a terrible manner.


Technology plays an important role in the design of the ice augers which indicate the reason for its efficient and effective performance.
Styled tip-ups also known as fishing traps are also been the utmost important tools being designed in an innovative manner.
These traps are been made up of hard and durable ABS plastic and is designed with jet black and fluorescent orange color for the purpose of better visibility which is seen as a windproof flag designed for locating its presence.
Deluxe polar circular tip-ups have come up with a technology of protecting the fishing hole from being frozen.
The fishing line also needs to be highly designed with clear-coated monofilament which is known and have been created awareness for its tangle free flexibility especially in the cold weather.


Under electric ice augers Eskimo ice augers(also known as Jiffy ice augers) have been manufactured and been designed in the USA by Fedmann Engineering and is rated to be the best in terms of customer reliability which are available other than the icegator designed by Pavati Manufacturing. As discussed above, there are three types of variants that can exist for ice fishing which are hand powered, electric powered and gas powered. Of the three the gas powered ice auger poses a threat and competition for the electric ice auger because the gas powered is more efficient and the most popular for the simple reason being that it doesn’t require the need for the batteries to be charged and it outlasts the time and the charge for a portable electric auger. The gas augers are available in pull and electric starters of which the pull starters are more reliable although it may be little troublesome in its usage and performance. The gas ones are more bulky but have a vast usage unlike the electric ones which are quieter, faster but with limited usage.

            According to another study the three most known ice augers are known to be the Eskimo, The Jiffy and the Strikemaster and all of which are also available with gas powered ice augers. Hence the competition has become very stiff and stronger for the industry of ice fishing.

Customer Analysis:

            The main reason why people indulge in ice fishing is because of their leisure time activities in sport or for clothes and food. Hence the company should target its customers based on these segments of people identified. In most of the cases ice fishing is been taken off by people as a sporting activity and although lots of supplies are required for setting up the accessories for fishing to carry on, because of the interest and passion it has made people to opt for this activity to be carried without much problems.

            The needs and requirement of the customers can be identified by way of surveys research and development programmes to mainly the professional professions which consider ice fishing as their passion and also among the fishermen in the USA who make huge money by using the electric ice augers as a tool and equipment in their job task.

            While making the product available to the users certain sporting goods stores have been able to provide portable light weighted ice shanties to protect the instrument from cold winds which are in the form of small folding tents which can accommodate two to four people comfortably.

            Keeping safety measures in mind for the end users or the consumers of the product, the firm has introduced an important item used as a survival gear which is to be worn by every ice angler user. This product also has been designed to wear it around the neck which helps in emergency situations if any ill-fated and ill-timed body falls through the thin ice.

Market Segmentation:

            Marketing and promotions needs to be highly at its top peak so that the customers are being made aware off its significance and importance for the anglers and the hunters to achieve their objective. The marketer has to on a priority basis carry out demographic and activity profiles which indicate that these specific markets have to be targeted as the niche markets for carrying out a focus strategy. Although the customers may show considerable interest in ice fishing, the organization requires carrying out a study and a detailed analysis on their cultural diversities on these interest groups which necessitate the need for having specialized promotion and marketing campaign.

Pricing strategy:

            The pricing strategy for the electric ice augers has been very vital for the company in relation to the gas powered ice augers because the prices fall in the same dimension and range as compared to the manual ice drillers. The manual ice driller costs approximately between 75 to 125 dollars while the gas powered and the electric powered will cost between 125 dollars to 600 dollars or even higher. The price for the electric auger is based on the usage of power batteries that has been utilized by them. This has carved a niche for Pavati Manufacturing which has adopted the strategy to beat competition by being competitive in its price in the market. Moreover the consumers will always check for the value they get for the money they have put into because of the high risks which it holds because of its highly techie product which has greater benefits as compared to other tools that could be used.

Promotion Strategy:

            Business Magazines, news channels on television, business channels which deal with profit analysis, Trade shows and exhibitions, sponsorships for companies dealing with electric based products, Business newspapers, handouts and leaflets in terms of brochures’ and catalogs are the innovative techniques which the marketers can adopt for their promotional campaigns and for creating a focus in the minds of the consumers. Kiosk Marketing is the best which again is of great importance for the company to make use of because of its infancy stage which in turn will help the required to know and understand the full functioning of the equipment. These kiosk can be set up at strategic locations which catch the attention of the target segment specially near the airports, industrial units or near sports complexes. These promotional campaigns will be useful for those who use electric ice augers as a sport.

            In case of fishermen, awareness could be generated by educating them by making use of radio and displaying the product features and benefits in the local cables and also in the newspapers. In certain instances mobile alerts may also be of great help and necessity to the target segment.

Future of Ice Fishing:

            The major task and challenge for every marketer is to capture and answer to the question which needs a thorough study on the future of ice fishing equipment and methods. In his study he also found out that the numbers of users for this tool were very less and hence instilling a need into the prospective customers is a task at hand for the organization. Research also states that the mobility will be better and will be able to get faster and quicker with heavier lures, reels and jigs to reach the goal with this technology at hand. Sonar unit and cameras will be also used to read through the ice which would be able to tell the user how deep is the ice. But this is really a challenging technology for the manufacturers to think off. Future also has Storm chasers in store for ice fishing to be successful which will help to identify when a storm will evolve and thus prevent the fishes from biting the users which normally exist at the edges of the storms. Providing in depth knowledge and information on this equipment is an important assignment for the manufacturers who sit together and work to get into the market the right equipment to set it up at the right time to fish better and faster. These augers are the means to ice fishing and the core requirement for the deal to be attained.


            By analyzing the various angles and the various dimensions of this new innovative product it is very much known that Icegator is here to exist into the market because of the kind of technology that they have designed it with. Since the sales and the market is just in its growth stages, developing and extending the present marketing strategies will be a great requirement and the need of the hour for the organization and the marketing department to met up to the changing trends and needs of the consumers.

            Pavati Manufacturing has to be very careful about the competitors strategies which could any point of time unfold into a threat for the company. Continuous research and development needs to be conducted by the firm to check that the product doesn’t lose to a substitute product. Also the target segment has to be monitored very closely to identify if any new category of users have been inclined into this ice fishing task. Ice fishing with an electric ice auger has been a great invention in the arena of electrical equipment manufacturing.


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