Ib Physics Lab – Shc of Water Essay

Evaluation The experiment was conducted well, despite the random and systematic errors that I came across. The main errors I identified were the following: When transferring the iron block into the calorimeter some heat was lost to the surroundings as the block was out in the open. The simple calorimeter we used was made from a copper can, and when the water and iron block were boiling the can was nearby, and since it’s a metal and metals are conductors of heat it possibly has gained heat from the Bunsen burner.

Therefore, he temperature difference of the mixture, as a result, could have been made smaller by reason of heat being gained by the calorimeter. The cover of the calorimeter wasn’t fully closed, leaving the water inside exposed and vulnerable to evaporation, which could lead to the loss of mass of the water and also cause the water to lose or gain heat from the surroundings, which could have been the reason I got results lower than what I expected, even though it would result in a very minute difference Suggestions for Improvements

Weakness – Improvement Calorimeter gaining heat from the Bunsen burner close by because of the material it’s made from Introduce a calorimeter that is made from a substance that doesn’t let outside intrusions affect it. The cover of the calorimeter not fully closing Use a lid that fits the copper can so that the water inside of it isn’t exposed to outside air Heat calorimeter Put forward a scheme whereby less heat is lost to the surroundings or use a metal that has some characteristics of an insulator as the test material (metal block)

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