I Think I’M in Love with You Essay

Lola/Emma/Shelby- Yeah Victoria- Then let’s check out the guys Lola- Okay *Follows Jessica* Jessica- *Walks to the other room and knocked* Danny- *Opens the door* Hey Guys* Girls- Hey Danny- What are you guys doing here? Jessica- Hum, are you guys dressed yet? Danny- Jessica- Okay and how about Mason? *Walks to the door* I’m dressed already Mason- Jessica- Okay. Let’s go to the park Everyone- Yeah Jessica- Okay, let’s go then Everyone- *Walks to the park* At The Park Jessica- What do you want to do? Danny- *Arms around Lola* I think I going to sit with Lola under a tree Jessica- Okay I’m going to go to the swings Victoria-

Jessica- Okay, I’m coming with you Victoria- k *Hanging out with other guys and looking back at Jessica* Jessica- *swinging and laughing* Emma- Hey Shelby, do you want to hanging out with toughs guys there *Pointing at the guys at the baseball felid* Shelby- Okay *Follows Emma* Victoria- Are you scared going on your date tonight? Jessica- No, Why? Voltaic- I’m Just slang Jessica- Okay then – What do you want to do next? Victoria Jessica- Hum, how about this *Hit Victorians arm* Tag your it You want to play that game. Okay than *Tagged Danny* Tag your it Danny- *Stand up and tagged Lola* Your it Lola- Fine *Ran to Emma* Tag your it

Emma- Okay then *Tagged Shelby* Your it Shelby- Oh no, you’re not *Ran to Jessica* Tag your it Jessica- Man it’s me again *Looking for someone to tag and sees Mason* Tag your it Mason – Oh no, You’re not *Chased Jessica around and tagged her* Jessica- *Tagged back and fell backward while hold on Mason’s shirt* *Fell on top of Jessica and looked in her brown eyes* Jessica- *Looked in his big brown eyes* Mason- *Learns in to kiss her* Jessica- *Learns in too* Danny- Hey guys, are you okay? Jessica- *Turned her head to Danny* Mason- *Stop and turned to Danny* Yeah, I’m okay *Helps Jessica up* Jessica- *clearness her outfit* Yea I’m k Danny

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Danny- That’s good Jessica- Hum, what time is it? It’s 1200 p. M. Jessica- Oh man, I have to get home Emma- Why? Victoria- Because she has a date tonight Shelby- Oh yeah, I remember Jessica- Yeah, so I have to get going Danny- Okay then, have fun on your date Jessica- Thanks. Victoria, are you coming with me? Victoria- Yeah Jessica- Okay, let’s go Wait, I’m coming Victoria- Why? Because I have to babysat her little cousin Jessica- Oh yeah, come on Mastication- *Walks with Jessica* When Jessica made it to her house she ran up stairs with Victoria and Mason was down stairs with Jessica Mom.



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