I Am Number Four Movie Review Essay

The movie entitled “l Am Number Four” was really great! The flow of the story was unimaginable and very deep. In short, exciting and thrilling. The scenes were awesome and each phase was relative to each other. What I liked the most, were the segueing of each frames, very smooth and innocent yet very expressive. When it comes to action, I would say, it was full.

The movie was able to reach my expectations regarding on the action scenes; I saw how it nurtured the powers of each character ND how they gave impact on the scenes. However, some details in the story was changed; the power of four on it’s hands, that should be a laser or kind of fire and also the fire proof legacy, that should be possessed by four and not by six. Nevertheless, I might be watching this movie again because of its positive impact. To give you an idea about I Am Number Four, I will make a very brief introduction.

The movie was a fantasy-action in genre. It is about nine people who came from Lories? another planet besides Earth and was chased by the Microorganisms; there enemies from different planet. They are sent to Earth to hide, along with their protectors. Each of them will be developing different abilities; that are what they call Legacies, while they grow in order to protect their selves. They can be killed by order. Three of them are gone, so Four Noon Smith) was next on the line. Four transferred in Ohio, and there, he met Six.

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Situation falls bad, because of Four’s silliness, they now face a very though battle with the Microorganisms while protecting their friends; Tom and Sarah. Will they be able to survive? Or will Five be on the line? The movie was composted of quality actors. Alex Pettier who is John in the story portray its character whole- heartedly, I can see that he was really putting his self to Four’s shoes. While Teresa Palmer, did a great Job as Six. I think everyone will like her character because it’s cool and at the same time clever.

Same observation goes with the other characters. The I Am Number Four’s movie structure was far away different to the others. The sequences were in good arrangement and the ending was unpredictable, because the story was very deep, and while you were watching, you will think for so many things that might happen or scenes that you wanted to happen. The composition of it was so clever, that people might reverse their heads Just to make a good guess about the next episodes or incidents.

It is a fantasy-action genre yet, it does not fall with the same ending. The camera shots and angles are good; it shows the relation of the scenes. It emphasizes the importance of the characters and things or weapons used in the story. What I liked the most was the video effects. It’s realistic and beautiful in the eyes of the viewers. In a nutshell, when it comes to lighting and cinematography, I would say Thumbs Up! The music used was able to add impacts on the scenes. It adds a spark and spice.


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