Humanistic and Psychodynamic Essay

Abraham Harold Maslow- Humanistic Approach

Humanistic is the psychological science survey of how the human works as a whole. This surveies the singularity of the individual through their behavior. Rather than merely detecting the worlds behaviour. humanistic psychologists try to analyze the worlds behaviour first individual instead than merely detecting. Meaning they try to understand the state of affairs and the emotional feelings the individual is traveling through for them to hold that specific type of behavior. they try to understand the behavior of the individual by looking at it from their position. Humanistic is a manner of thought and is an ability to work out our ain personal jobs. This significance to concentrate on our ain positions. experiences. ideas. self-image and feelings to understand an person. Peoples can be capable of self-development and their ain self-reformation. We have our ain picks on what we choose to make and how we chose to take out this option. We chose how we want to act and whether it’s right or incorrect i. e. interrupting the jurisprudence. An single chosen whether they want to interrupt the jurisprudence. cognizing full well of the effects. This is called free will ; we have the right to take what we want to make and how we want to act.

The tribunal of jurisprudence follows this rule because you know whether you have done right or incorrect and there is no 1 to fault. except yourself. because you chose to act that manner. Abraham Harold Maslow was the first psychologist to make the ‘human hierarchy of needs’ which explains the different degree that an person has to travel from throughout life. This hierarchy alterations from one degree to another and each degree has its ain specific demands. Most psychologist before Maslow had been concerned with the abnormal and the ill. he convinced and persuaded people to get down admiting people’s basic demands before turn toing them as holding higher demands or being ill. First on Maslow’s hierarchy he started with the basic demands of a individual such as nutrient. H2O. sleep etc. so lead to the physical demands of an person. The highest demands of an single are ‘self-actualization’ which is gaining who you are as an person and cognizing your ain motives.

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Not many people get to the self-actualization for many grounds. being that they didn’t get through the different degrees of the hierarchy or because they think that they can jump the remainder of the degrees. believing that they know their ain self-fulfilment etc. These hierarchies have five different degrees of demands. Maslow’s degree of human demands started with physiological which is basic endurance. understanding the map of the life being. Which is what an single demands. their basic demands i. e. H2O. slumber. external respiration and sex. Then safety which is basic demand once more and feeling secure. For illustration. freedom from danger. hazards or hurts whether at employment. place or making mundane activities. Love and belonging is the following demand which is the emotional level/need. Meaning to understand what love is and what it feels like to belong. dependant on being portion of a household or understanding what it is like to love through friendly relationship or sexual relationships. Esteem is the 4th demand. which is regard and acknowledgment.

Understanding what your personal ends are in life and what you can accomplish throughout life dependant on yourself regard and regard for one another. The concluding degree is self-actualization which is what makes you who you are as an person. gain your ain potencies in life. Besides. gaining your ain self-fulfilment and individual growing from peak experiences. Everyone as an ain personal desire to travel up the hierarchy table towards self-actualization. although their advancement is frequently riotous by neglecting to run into the low degree demands. As an illustration if person doesn’t show love or experience loved so they won’t be able to win through the love and belonging subdivision. if they’re brought up in an opprobrious place this would impact the low degree safety so they would be diminishing in the degrees. Merely singular people are most likely to make the highest degree. self-actualization. Maslow’s theory was the best type of motive for an person. he proposed he hierarchy of demands in his paper “a theory of Human Motivation” .

Han dynasties J Eysenck and Otto Gross attack to Psychodynamic

Hans is a psychologist celebrated for his work on intelligence and personality. Eysenck claims that Freudian theories can be falsified. besides Gross claims that Freud’s theories are scientific but have been proven wrong so which he say is merely “bad science” . Psychoanalyst tends to merely accept YAVIS patients for intervention. YAVIS means immature. attractive. verbal. intelligent and successful. This is because YAVIS patients are more likely to retrieve instead than mentally unstable patients. When the unfavorable judgment of frauds attack happened was because Gross and Freud were in a dissension on the topics of repression. sublimation and perversion. The significance of repression is to command and defy what you would desire.

Sublimation is making things in an acceptable and respectful mode and perversion is far from normal for illustration being unnatural. They disagreed on Freud’s theory because they believe that the patients should be capable of feelings and holding their freedom besides they shouldn’t be forced to make something that they do non desire to make. Both psychologists argued that Freud got excessively involved and attached with his patients because Freud was at that place 7 yearss a hebdomad.

Sigmund Freud. Psychodynamic Approach to Psychology

Freud was the laminitis of psychodynamic attack to psychological science ; this is because he created a new attack to understanding how the human plants and the human single personality. Freud’ theory was the witting and unconscious head. he believed that behavior and personality derives from the changeless and alone interaction of conflicting psychological forces that operate at three different degrees of consciousness. The three different degrees are witting head. preconscious head and unconscious head. Conscious head includes everything that we are cognizant. every individual minute. Preconscious head represents ordinary memory. Unconscious head reservoirs our feelings. ideas. impulse and memories that are outside out witting consciousness. The theory of the witting and unconscious head is done to demo our feelings. motivations and determinations which are really influenced by previous/past experiences. which are stored in the pre-conscious and inherent aptitudes from the unconscious.

Freud subsequently made a structural theoretical account of the head which was called ID. EGO and SUPEREGO. The ID. EGO and SUPEREGO link to the witting. pre-conscious and unconscious head. ID is the unconscious. EGO is the witting and SUPEREGO is the pre-conscious and unconscious head. Although these are non physical countries within the encephalon they’re the procedure of of import mental maps. Explanation of each phase is ; ID is driven by pleasance rules which strive us for immediate demands and desires. significance that the individual would be desiring things. Although the ID will seek to decide the tenseness created by pleasance. EGO and SUPEREGO. EGO is something that is developed through ID in the early phases of life. EGO is the constituent of your personality that trades with world whereas SUPEREGO is developed a little subsequently as it controls your guilt.

For illustration. if person wanted a new brace of places ID would kick in because the desire to hold them places would lift. whereas EGO would hold to confront world and realise that you might non hold the money to acquire the places so SUPEREGO controls the guilt so so you would get down repenting purchasing the places if for blink of an eyes a household relatives birthday was coming up and now you don’t have the money. EGO works on a world rule significance that it wants to delight the ID but in a socially and realistic manner. which some people deem as unacceptable. The world rule contemplates the positive and negatives of an action depending on what it decides. it will either move upon the determination or wholly abandon it. SUPEREGO is the basic regulations and criterions for good behavior. The behavior included would be those approved by parents and those in authorization. The SUPEREGO end is to better and educate our behavior ; it tries to supress all the unacceptable impulses that come from the ID. Fraud’ theory claims that the key to a healthy personality is a balance between the ID. EGO and SUPEREGO.

Carl Ransom Rogers. Self-Actualization

Again. the humanistic attack is how we look at an person as a whole detecting their behavior and personality. Rogers was a clinical psychologist. which is person who treats people with mental upsets through psychological science instead than medical agencies. After old ages of work. Rogers compiled the Self-actualization theory which is the realization of fulfillment of one’s endowments and potencies. Rogers says that people have two basic demands which are positive respect and dignity. Positive respect is a sense of credence from other people and dignity is experiencing equal. Our feelings of dignity are of import both to psychological wellness and we can accomplish ends and aspirations in life to accomplish self-actualization. Rogers’s theory is that the person is responsible for their ain felicity and should non look towards others for it.

He believed that a individual is born with the desire to be and accomplish the best they perchance can. Rogers’s overall theory is about experiencing good and mentally healthy hence intending a individual is overseas telegram of deciding their ain jobs without looking towards others. His therapy was uneffective to those who were unconfident. unhappy and had a deficiency of self-pride. So he studied on clients opposite to this. clients who were confident. happy and have a high degree of self-pride. His theory was known as ‘Rogerian Counselling’ which was merely effectual on healthy minded people which means it did non work on mental and physically damaged clients this merely increased emotional jobs such as depression. besides the theory was more successful on kids and immature people. The theory key was communicating. if the client wasn’t to the full pass oning with Rogers it would non work. this proved the therapy uneffective to people with phobic disorder.

In decision Rogers theory of self-actualization Teachs people to go self-sufficing upon their ain actions instead than seeking it from other people. This proved that people of course desire to be accepted irrespective of what they do. nevertheless the bulk of people will merely accept them dependent on whether or non they want to. Rogers self-actualization attempts to assist people understand their full potency and what they can accomplish. besides seek felicity for themselves without looking towards others for it. His theory helps people go more happy about themselves instead than looking for credence and felicity from others.


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