Human Resources Management Essay

It’s often seen that people, who are paid less, are less motivated towards work. This is a kind of absenteeism which can lead to less productivity and will reduce the effectiveness of work (Proverbs et al. , 2000). The Business Round Table (1982) configure there is increase in labor cost by 1. 5% when there is increase in 1% absenteeism. Hence, appropriate amount of salary should be given to workers who work harder to earn so that no extra expenses are squired. On the other hand, wages to workers are not given on time as well.

Late payment practice can be removed by enforcing legislative rules.friendly environment keeps people motivated towards work. Many countries have planned to improve working environment not only by providing good facilities and equipment for security of workers but also maintaining good relation, a good posture with workers so as to gain workers trust. Hence, there is need to balance employer- worker relationship (Simon, 1951). Nonetheless, it helps in increasing productivity.

An average worker is prolific, inventive and fecund for 40 % of the time, whereas 60% of its time is wasted in some other activity or work (Gray and Flanagan, 1989). 3. ) Job insecurity refers to employee’s expectation of its Job sustainability (Dad et al. , 1997). Additional incentives and confirmation for Job safety should be given to workers. There is a need of enhancing worker’s capabilities. Skilled workers should be given chance to extend their contract if they prove themselves better and good hard-worker.

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European countries have set -up various Job security provisions, which tastes that employers should retain their workers and will have to give advance terminative letter to workers (Lazar, 1990). 4. )There are many rules and regulation made for workers’ rights and they should be followed strictly and legally. There should be certain associations that fight for workers development. For example, according to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) both Singapore Workforce Development Agency, and Singapore Labor Foundation, works for workers safety, health and also supports low-income worker financially.

On the there hand, late payment practice can be removed by enforcing legislative rules. There should be an association for workers that should come up with some rules, that if the worker’s payment is overdue, they should be charged with additional interest as their penalty or punishment of not paying on time (Lethal, 1994; in U. K as compared to European countries (Letch, 1994). 4. CONCLUSION Today’s Construction Company is facing lots of hurdles and there is a need to improvise these issues and challenges though set of remedial work so as to maintain its reputation.

The report discussed the two salient issues that are currently faced by instruction companies. Furthermore, it provided the important measures to evade such challenges. To overcome the problem of safety and health issues, one has to follow the strict measures for safety standards and maintain habit of using safety equipment. The issue of employee retention can be avoided only if workers are made happy. This can be done only if workers are paid on time and according to their sills. Employer should maintain good relationship with their workers by understanding the worker’s needs.

On whole, it is necessary for both employers and workers to know heir rights and duties of creating a safer environment and improvising stature of construction companies. Construction managers should know about the vitality of these challenges and should plan some strategy to improvise these hurdles and problems to evade the poor image and enhance the reputation of the construction industry.


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