Human Resources in Action Essay

Overview Within Human Resources there are various things that affect the hospitality industry. This case study situation is between two male friends that work in the hospitality industry. Felix is the Director of Housekeeping at a local resort and Pedro is the Dining Room manager in a local hotel. Each facility has a different perspective on the appropriate way to use their Human Resources departments they even went as far as to say “it’s hard to believe that are employers are in the same basic business, and hire the same types of people, and yet their philosophies about human resources are o different” (Hayes & Emerging, 2009).

At the company Felix works for there are staff members that are Just at work to collect a paycheck rather than caring about the company and its other staff members. When they are hiring they post Jobs with misleading Job descriptions, which in turn leads to a high turnover rate. When it is time for an employee’s appraisal the company focuses on the not so good things an employee has done rather that the good things or how to improve. At the establishment that Pedro works at they have an entirely different philosophy. His employer was described as the “employer of choice” (Hayes & Emerging, 2009).

Meaning that people wanted to work for the company that Pedro worked for. The company had employees that wanted to be at work, therefore their turnover rate was very low. Both Felix and Pedro questioned why Felid’s place of employment did not have concerns about the way it was being staffed. However, when they realized that there would be a new hotel coming to town they knew that the way that the Human Resource department in Felid’s place of employment would have to chance or risk losing its employees to the new hotel. Discussion of Dimension I The Human Resource department is almost non-existent at Felid’s place of employment.

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The corporate culture of the organization is to ignore Human resources. The only task that they seem to be completing is posting available Jobs, and they are not necessarily doing that correctly. It has been said that the Human Resource Department at the company Felix works for does not post accurate Job descriptions; therefore the company creates a miscommunication at the start. This could lead to both under and over qualified applicants coming in to interview for a position that is not right for them. Another issue that the Human Resources department creates is an under trained workforce.

There is not a dedicated trainer or training program to make sure new hires are properly trained so they can be successful. The training Felid’s company was giving newly hired employees we based on whatever time was available. This leads to inconsistent training and employees with different work standards. If the company happens to hire an employee they do not get the training that they need to be successful which could lead to voluntary and involuntary turnover. When it come to employee appraisals Felid’s employer focuses on the

To keep employees motivated they need to hear that they are doing things well, and what areas they need some help in, focusing on negative things will not help the employee do better. In most cases it will make the employee become less motivated and less productive. The appraisal should be a combination of good and bad with more emphasis on how to make the employee a more productive and motivated worker. The top managers at Felid’s company do not focus on the Human Resources. Not being a Human Resource focused company makes the individual managers responsible for the training, and motivation of their employees.

Doing this meaner that the managers are more focused on their individual goals rather than the goals that they should have for their departments and the company. If the department managers are unwilling to work the newly hired employees they will not know what their expectations or goals are. This uncertainty leads to confusion and an unproductive workforce. The top level managers do not see training as a value-add they see it as a profit loss. The company also does not keep their employees as a priority. Their priorities are listed as guests, profit, and then employees.

This is a little cowards, the top priority should be your guests, your second priority should then be your employees, followed by profit. If you try to motivated and keep your employees happy they will be more productive and motivated, this will make them work harder and therefore increase profits. Some of the top managers Jump believe that newly hired employees simply don’t care and that is why they are doing poorly. That is not always the case, in Felid’s company more times then not the employees do not know what expectations they should be meeting and/or having because they have not been trained.

This will lead to employees being let go and causing the company’s turnover rate to continue to grow. The practices that Felid’s employer has is really hurting them, and if they do not see it now they will see it when their employees start leaving to go to the new hotel that will be opening. Not only are they be hurting their profits by not valuing training they are making potentially good employees leave because they do not have an understanding of their position since the management will not take the time to explain things. They are Just making their slowing business even slower by not focusing on Human Resources.

Discussion of Dimension II Since the top management in Felid’s company is ignoring the Human Resource issues that are present Felix will have to take matter into his own hands if he wants to have good employees and lower turnover. Felix could update Job descriptions, make training a priority, and modify the appraisal approach. It is clear that the resort that Felix works for has no management process. If they had a management process they would be able to have the appropriate staffing for the various departments, they would have an appraisal process that was beneficial to both the employee and the organization.

If Felix decided to present accurate Job descriptions to potential candidates it could save the company money. Having accurate Job descriptions allows people to have a realistic expectation about what a Job entails. This will help prevent unqualified applicants from applying for a position that they are not right for. It will also help the Management more easily pick out the resumes for qualified candidates. Interviews of unqualified candidates there will be less money spent. Training is an important part of any Job, not having one is detrimental to an organization.

The lack of a training program meaner that there is no consistency in how employees are being told to do their Job. This will lead to confusion, frustrations, and eventually turnover internally and unclear guest expectations. The hiring process will have to start over again, which meaner more time will be spent looking at resumes and interviewing. Training needs to be a priority if Felix works to train his employees they will have a better running department. Appraisals are important to both management and employees. However, focusing on negative aspects of an employees performance will make the employee become motivated and unappreciated.

If there is an area that an employee needs to improve upon create a development plan to help the employee improve. This will make the employee want to improve, rather than become unmotivated. The unmotivated and upset employees will likely leave the company where as employees that are being helped with tend to stay. Felix will have to use a mix of positive and needs improvements to keep employees from leaving. If Felix senses problems with the Human Resource Department within the company he should try addressing his concerns with the Human Resource Manager hat is in the resort.

The Human Resource Manager at the resort may be able to help the management staff implement a training system or produce more accurate Job descriptions. That should help the managers choosing potential candidates. If that doesn’t resolve anything than Felix should go to the Director of human resources at the corporate level. Felix will have to explain to the director of Human Resources what is going on with the lack of training, the focus on negative performance reviews, and the in accurate Job descriptions.

He will have to explain what it is doing to the reparability of the resort, the morale of its employees, and the over all success of the company. If the corporate Human Resources Director does not take Felid’s concerns seriously they are really only hurting themselves. It will cause the morale of the company’s employees to continue to decrease, guests will have an inconsistent expectation when they come to the hotel, which will cause a decrease in profits. The Human Resource department is a crucial part of any business; if it doesn’t work with the other employees in the business it will cause the company to loose money.

Discussion of Dimension Ill Pedro Felid’s friend that works in the same industry, they talk about the Human Resources issues that Felix faces. The issues that the employees are facing at Felid’s hotel lead to unsatisfied employees, who will begin looking for work elsewhere. Pedro can capitalize on the unhappiness of those employees by recruiting the to work in his establishment. Felid’s company may have some strong workers that are unhappy with the way their current employer is operating and may be considering employment elsewhere. Pedro can capitalize on their dissatisfaction by recruiting them into his organization.

There is a good possibility that people will hear about the positive way Pedro By recruiting people from Felid’s hotel Pedro could cause Felid’s resort to have problems. If Pedro could pull enough employees away from Felid’s organization it could cause them to not have enough employees for their daily operations. This would mean that that sections if not all of the resort would have to close down temporarily. This would lead to guests being unhappy and unsatisfied. Another reason it would be beneficial for Pedro to try and recruit the staff member from Felid’s establishment upon review of their resumes.

If there are staff members that have the necessary skills to fill a role then they should be recruited. There will be employees that will not meet Padre’s needs, and he will not be able to recruit those individuals. With the new hotel opening up in the vicinity of Padre’s hotel he will face some competition not only from its customers but from its employees as well. If employees had been feeling dissatisfied with their Jobs they may consider applying for a new position at the new hotel. Pedro will need to come up with a way to keep his employees from looking for a position elsewhere.

If Pedro wants to keep his employees from leaving he needs to make sure his employees are happy, and if they are not what he can do to make them happy. One way to do this would be to empower the employees that work at Padre’s establishment. Allowing employees to make discretionary decisions will allow them to have a sense of importance. Another way to analyze employee morale would be to talk to the employees. This doesn’t have to be an in person conversation, it could be an anonymous survey. Having the communication between the management staff and their subordinates will create a more positive work environment and a happier Taft.

If there are issues that come to light based on these surveys and conversations they should be address with the Human resources manager. If an employee asks for more training an effort should be made to accommodate the employee. An employee’s Job satisfaction is important to a company, if an employee is unhappy with their Job they may speak to other people about their Job. If they are speaking negatively about the company potential gusts can decide to not stay at that resort or hotel because of the way they are treating their employees. It is very important that the employees have a high Job satisfaction.

Final Thoughts Human Resources is an important aspect of the hospitality industry. Without it we would have many more resorts that resemble Felid’s place of employment, a place where the employee turnover is high, training is not a priority and time is wasted because Job descriptions are inaccurate. There is also a lack of communication between the upper level management and the managers within the hotel. These are all things that can lead to unhappy employees, unhappy guests, and a loss of profit. In Padre’s establishment they take having a low turnover rate, training and profit rigorously.

They want their employee to want to come to work, that is why they make sure their employees have training, and accurate Job descriptions. The accurate Job descriptions help employees to understand what they will ultimately be responsible for. There is communication between upper level management and the department It is imperative that the Human Resources department communicates with the rest of the staff in any given company. They help with everything to getting Job descriptions listed correctly when organizations are recruiting to training to health unifies.

It is imperative that employees know that they are an asset to their company, and that the company acknowledges that. Company’s do this by allowing employees to make discretionary decisions. Organizations also need to see that training is a value-add. They spend time, which is money on getting people properly trained, this training will allow their employees to do their Job more effectively. This is what Padre’s organization is doing, and why they have a lower turnover rate than Felid’s organization. Making employees happy makes guest expectations a priority.


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