Human Anatomy The Real Dr Essay

Most of time, the reason other doctor failed is because misdiagnosed, overestimated, or inappropriate treatment to their condition. Which he usually successfully cured the patient by very detailed information he get and the right treatment. However, spending enormous amount of time on each patient compared to other doctor also have some problems, which is he cannot cooperate with his partner and gain enough profit. Therefore, right now, he work in his own little office and has his own system without any partners. Points 1 .

Many of the patients Bolted sees have been misdiagnosed, overestimated to the point of sickness, or given treatment inappropriate to their conditions. 2. Depending on the patient’s responses and lab evidence, the doctor works his way down an algorithm to the correct diagnosis. 3. The diagnosis path is sometimes represented by a tidy chart, but in the real life the process is rarely so pat. 4. He tries to bond with the patients as quickly as possible, hoping to forge an alliance in which the patient feels comfortable confiding even the most intimate details. . Humans are employ, and a doctor never knows until much later if a patient’s response was significant or Just a red herring. 6. In order to handle all the patients funneled his way by an insurance company, a doctor is obliged to hire numerous staff to handle the paperwork and make sure his invoices are paid. The more staffers on the payroll, the more patients a doctor must see to cover it and ensure a profit for himself and his partners. The more patients he can crank out in an hour, the more profitable he will be. 7.

Bolted spend way more time on each patient than other physician, majority hygienic will spend 12 minutes on each patient, Bolted will spend up to 1 hour to get as much information he needed to diagnosed. 8. Heavy metal poisoning can cause people headaches. Heavy metal can be consumed by eating fish. 9. When people were young, their immunity system may be able to fight off some daily onslaught of toxin. But after they get older, their immunity system no longer have to ability to fend off the toxin, they may get sick. 10.

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Bolted is obsessed with mysteries. He calls himself an unusual symptoms investigator, his term for a doctor who picks up where other sectors fail. Reflection There is no doubt that Dry. Bolted long period treatment time and appointment is very good service and way to cure the patients, but this is not as efficient as normal doctor did. Normal doctor can crank out at least 5 patients an hour but sometime he can only get 1 patient. In term of profit he lost a lot compare to normal doctor did, that’s probably why en is still working at a little office.

However, I was still amazed how environment can cause that much sickness and ill to people, and in addition, owe Bolted can catch all those detailed to gives the right treatment to his patients. Overall, he really is an investigator than compared to the normal doctor. Addition article’s point 1 . Atypical symptoms range from shortness of breath to left and right arm pain, dizziness, upper abdominal pain and back pain 2. Only half of the heart attacks in women are heralded by chest pain. In men and women older than 65, the percentage is even smaller 3. The classic symptom, angina, is the pain that comes when heart muscles is starved for oxygen.

But lack of oxygen can also make heart muscle stiffen, causing fluid to back into the lungs. 4. Her symptoms are actually caused by heart attacks, three of her coronary arteries were blocked result in lack of oxygen. However, her body forms a small collateral artery which help fed the heart but also worsen the symptoms. 5. They use a new technique to fix this problem, they do an open heart surgery and harvest a vein from the leg, attach one end too small new opening in the aorta, the other to the coronary artery beyond the blockage, and presto. This new aqueduct bring fresh flow to a parched watershed


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