”Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain Sample Essay

In the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. two characters are portrayed. uncovering themselves as epic figures. Huck and Jim. two opposites going down the Mississippi River seeking for freedom. land into quandaries were they must utilize their marbless to get the better of. Huck and Jim’s strengths and failings determine the result of their flight from “sivilization” .

Huck has the ability to accommodate to about any state of affairs through dishonesty. Huck lies. darnels. and swindles his manner down the river. “All right so I’ll go to hell. ” Huck says when he realizes he is bewraying society to assist a black slave. He suppresses his emotions and grips loneliness in a mature manner. “ . . . she drifted in so close that they could ‘a’ run out a board and walked ashore. Most everybody was on the boat. Pap. and Judge Thatcher. and Bessie Thatcher. and Joe Harper. and Tom Sawyer. and his old Aunt Polly. and Sid. and Mary and enough more. ” ( 34 ) This quotation mark shows Huck’s strength of being able to stamp down his emotions. Intelligence is another great strength Huck possesses. he is cunning plenty to border his ain slaying in the house. Huck is motivated plenty and goes through with his flight and bogus decease. Huck’s weaknesses set him back from holding a perfect flight. His wonder which is powered by his immatureness set him back from being the existent hero. For illustration the dark when Jim and Huck lost each other in the fog and the following forenoon Huck acts as if they had ne’er been separated which hurts Jim’s feelings.

Jim’s greatest strength is his trueness to his friends and his honest bosom. He is the perceiver of his milieus. Jim observes the nervous action of the birds and predicts it will rain. Jim’s anticipation comes true for a storm poured over the island. He is a really optimistic mind. “but I ben rich wunst. and gwyne to be rich ag’in” ( 41 ) . Jim is inventive but has common sense. Bing a black slave that has run away from his maestro puts Jim in a critical topographic point. He relies on Huck to protect him from governments of jurisprudence. Jim would put on the line his ain life to help Huck.

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Their travel down the river would be simple if Jim was non a runaway black slave. Since Huck is white and has speedy physiological reactions to lie and do narratives Jim may non acquire caught if Huck uses his accomplishment of talk right. Their failings and strengths cancel each other out taking one to a determination that Huck and Jim may do it to a free province safely. They may meet some jobs but will ever happen a manner out.

These brave characters made by Mark Twain both obtain the intelligence. motive. accomplishment. and common sense to populate out-of-doorss to face challenges. Their failings may convey little jobs but can ever be fixed by either one of the others strengths


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