How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Sample Essay

Like most other films. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days uses many non-verbal cues to allow the audience cognize how the characters are experiencing and what they are believing. art copying life. as non-verbal communicating is ingrained in mundane being. Non-verbal communicating is so permeant in mundane life. in fact. that one may non even acknowledge consciously the cues given to them by others. One illustration of non-verbal cues in How to Lose a Guy took topographic point in the Composure staff meeting at the beginning of the film. While the adult female perceived instantly to be a brown-noser tells her foreman about the pieces she is working on. Andie and a friend are doing facial looks at one another that clearly display their irritation with the adult female. Another illustration is seen in another meeting. this clip with Ben. “the Judys. ” and their foreman. One Judy puts a finger to her lips in an symbolic gesture stating the other Judy to stay quiet.

A 3rd non-verbal cue is observed at Ben’s fire hook dark with his friends. Andie starts coughing raucously. beckoning her weaponries around. and doing faces at Ben. cues which jointly tell Ben that he and his friends should set out their cigars. One concluding illustration of a non-verbal cue in the film is one. as is frequently the instance. which the individual did non intend to and likely didn’t recognize she was directing. At the party for DeLauer diamonds. Andie is staring at Ben across the room and his foreman makes the remark that he was reasonably certain that Andie loved Ben merely because of the manner she was looking at him. These are merely a few of the many illustrations of non-verbal communicating nowadays in the film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Dayss.

Ben and Andie move from coming together phases to coming apart and back once more. The originating province takes topographic point in the saloon after “the Judys” choice Andie for their stake and Ben approaches her. They introduce themselves to one another and make up one’s mind to acquire something to eat. Their first dinner together marks the beginning of the experimenting phase. where they are inquiring one another inquiries about work and engage in other little talk. The intensifying phase begins the following twenty-four hours when Ben sends Andie flowers as a item of fondness. During this phase. Ben and Andie have increased contact. exchange both verbal and non-verbal looks of fondness. and do implicative actions to seek to beef up the relationship. The integrating phase is truly marked by Andie coming over and seting her stuffed animate beings around. puting up a image of herself. and seting a new sympathizer on Ben’s bed. These actions are like taging her district. doing Ben and Andie a distinguishable twosome. This is every bit far as they get in the phases the first clip they “come together” . Almost overlapping with the integration phase is the differentiating phase. When Andie brings all of her things over. Ben begins to detect that Andie likely has different ends for the relationship than he does. She seems to desire something much more serious.

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There is truly no grounds of the circumscribing or stagnating phases in the relationship between Ben and Andie ; they skip straight to avoiding when he tells her he can’t travel out with her because he “has to work” . Later. Ben and Andie skip back to “coming together” on their trip to Staten Island. They reintegrate. this clip because of their true emotions and non because of their several gambits. while with his household and out on the boardwalk. The shower scene marks a turning point for Ben and Andie. which leads to adhering marked by the invitation from Ben to Andie to go to a party as his girlfriend. The relationship suddenly turns once more to “coming apart” with the expiration of the relationship at the DeLauer diamond party when Ben and Andie each find out about the other’s motivations in the relationship. After Ben forgives Andie. they go through the integrating phase one time once more when he chases her down on the span while she’s on her manner to Washington.

The phases are sort of difficult to specify in this relationship because the beginning of the relationship is all unreal and sometimes the phase of the sham relationship is different than the phase that Ben and Andie would really be in without the playing and game-playing. Recognizing. nevertheless. that the phases don’t ever advancement in sequence and can overlap can assist give one a general thought of how their relationship came together. fell apart. and so was reborn.

Like all twosomes. Andie and Ben battle with dialectical tensenesss in their relationship. First. they have problem with the connection-autonomy dialectic. They are passing every twenty-four hours together seeking to construct ( or destruct ) their relationship ( connexion ) . but in Andie’s attempts to drive Ben off she begins to do him uncomfortable with the sum of control she has in his life. She redecorates his flat. makes him have on a shirt that matches hers and their dog’s. crashes his dark with his friends. and even blows his olfactory organ for him. interfering with Ben’s liberty. Another dialectic that Ben and Andie battle with is that of openness-closedness. They both begin to hold feelings for the other and want to portion some things about themselves but neither is willing to unwrap their original motivation for the relationship. Besides. Ben intelligibly does non advert to Andie that he was in nappies until he was five. and he gets angry when his ma divulges that information. Every relationship has such tensenesss. and they can non be eliminated. merely managed.

Ben and Andie do non pull off struggle efficaciously. Most of the clip Andie is originating destructive struggles. which escalate until she leaves ( which is her end ) . Then Ben responds in an every bit uneffective manner by suiting her as his manner of struggle direction. For illustration. when Andie and Ben fight about him connoting that she was brainsick and killing their “love fern. ” she overreacts enormously. When Ben tries to deescalate the statement by following her to the lift and explicating that he merely thought she was moving loony. she is inflexible and says. “I don’t think I can be with person who thinks I’m a mental individual. ” seting an disconnected terminal to any attempts talk things through. Ben accommodates her. nevertheless. by trailing her downstairs and proposing couple’s therapy. A similar thing happens when Andie makes the household exposure album of their kids. Ben tells her they don’t have any kids.

When Andie gets disquieted and starts shouting. Ben accommodates her by backpedaling and so inquiring to see the album merely to avoid the struggle. When Ben and Andie find out about one another’s motivations behind the relationship at the DeLauer party. they begin viing onstage. They are both really sarcastic and so they begin to roast each other ; Andie mocks Ben because his “lovemaking is lame” and so Ben blames it on her because of the Princess Sofia incident. While most of their struggles were overdone because of Andie’s attempts to stop the relationship. Ben and Andie were really uneffective when covering with struggle.

Ben and Andie use a figure of escalating schemes to beef up their relationship. The most obvious is increased contact. They begin to pass every twenty-four hours together. Andie takes Ben to the Knicks game alternatively of her friend. and one twenty-four hours Ben had 17 messages on his replying machine. most of them from Andie. Ben uses the increased wagess scheme when he gets Andie’s sodium carbonate at the hoops game. He besides makes a direct definitional command when he asks Andie to travel to the DeLauer party as his girlfriend. Andie and Ben both use items of fondness to foster their relationship. Ben sends flowers. Andie gives Ben the “love fern” . and they both take the other to a Knicks game ( or program on it ) . Andie often uses verbal looks of fondness by naming Ben to state him that she misses him. or that the Celine Dion concert was a one time in a lifetime event and she wanted to portion it with him. or that she loved everything about his parent’s house. These connexions made between Ben and Andie are merely a few illustrations of the many they made to seek to beef up their relationship.

The two chief characters in the film. Andie and Ben. both have power. Andie has power over Ben because of the rule of least involvement ; she has the least involvement in keeping their relationship. In fact. she has an involvement in non keeping their relationship. Because Ben will non win his stake and the DeLauer pitch without Andie he is really interested in doing Andie happy and maintaining her around. In add-on. Ben starts to hold feelings for Andie before she reciprocates. She has the power resources of personal qualities ( Ben describes her as amazing ) and of wagess and penalty. Andie can indirectly and unwittingly reward Ben by falling in love with him or penalize him by go forthing.

Because of Ben’s vested involvement in his relationship with Andie. he merely allows himself to be dominated by her. Ben besides has power. but over people other than Andie. He has strong personal qualities that make him good at his occupation and appealing to adult females. and if he wins the stake “the Judys” don’t get the DeLauer history that they want. In response. “the Judys” employ bar schemes to sabotage his power. First. they choose Andie for the stake because they believe Ben can non win with her. Then. one time he does win. they tell Ben’s friends that he cheated and Andie knew about the stake because they knew that it would acquire back to her. While Ben and Andie are non powerful because of any authorization vested in them. they did look to be the most powerful characters in the film.


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