How to Becoming a Master Student Improve My Ability to Learn? Essay

How to becoming a master student improve my ability to learn? It is a question easy to say but hard to do. Having been studying for more than ten years, I just think over this question recently. In my personal opinion, No two people study the same way, and there is little doubt that what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some tips for improving my ability to learn that seem to produce good results.

Before class- First of all establish Your Learning Style, Which is your best and preferred learning style: visual (reading), auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (doing)? When you know you’re learning style, take classes that incorporate that style. For example, audio learners keep CDs in their car to turn traffic jams into productive time. Book learners may keep a notebook handy to take notes and read as they exercise on the stepper machine or treadmill.

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When you study, do you need silence or do you enjoy having music playing in the background? Knowing how you learn best improves your effectiveness. Furthermore, you must develop a schedule. It’s up to you to learn how developing a schedule that meets your needs, revise it if necessary and most important, and follow it. Finally, Engage in necessary prep work like downloading software, getting a workbook, or setting aside the dates for the course. In class- First, Be On Time.

When you’re on time, you will have your full attention focused on the class, and not on “catching up” with yourself and what you may have missed; The second, If you have any questions you must to ask the teacher immediately, and good at asking questions; Third, take good notes, If you’re unable to listen and write at the same time, just listen and then write notes after the class is over. If it’s recorded, you can review the class and take notes then. You can also ask the teacher for his/her outline, summary, or notes. Review your last class notes before your next class.

After class- The first step is completes all assignments. If you miss a class, find a way to get the assignments–from another student or the teacher. Then, remember keep any other course papers in the binder as well. To be a good learner, one should have a proper study plan and be good at thinking and solving problems with the help of reference books, for example, a dictionary. One also has to sum up what has been learned, seize every chance to learn and make use of all kinds of learning resources. In addition, there should be ample time to rest. Remember that diligence and good methods are the key to success.


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