How to Become a Professional Nurse Essay

Becoming a professional nurse. a nurse must self-regulation with cognition to pattern criterions and codification of moralss. One of the first stepping rock is reflecting in diary of experiential acquisition. “Knowledge of yourself is gained from reflecting on your experience” ( Cooper. 2001. p. 22 ) . In the class Development of ego as nurse I have learned how to be a professional nurse practising the criterions and codification of moralss in a on the job environment.

Besides how the tools of communicating is affectional towards patients. When walking into a patient’s room for the first clip. a Nurse is expected to analyze the patients position and to supply the best quality of attention. Personally I found the lesson Way of Knowing most piquant to larn because it teaches a nurse pupil how to near the patient and communicate with them. There are many different types of ways of cognizing which are empirical. ethical. aesthetical. personal and emancipatory.

I found this subject most interesting because each one creates the rule and foundation of patient attention. During one of the group activities we read a instance survey of a patient’s chart and discussed her status and how we would near and do a connexion to her. This made me experience engaged to the topic as if I was standing following to the patient’s bed. Professionalism is one of many feature of being a nurse. with a duty of their actions. attitude and expose the codification of behavior to supply the best pattern.

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How the media positions affect nurses image has a negative impact on the professionalism facet of nursing. In this activity we pulled images off of the cyberspace of nurses and most were Halloween costumes or sketchs and we discussed how this affects the position of professional nurse. I found this most piquant because all the images of nurses on the cyberspace are non what nurses thrive for in a professional position. A professional nurse is responsible for self ordinance and to follow the codification of moralss. this subject I was to the lowest degree engaged.

Reading history of nursing creates an apprehension of the past to heighten the present and is the foundation of construction with economic sciences. consumer demand. household construction. scientific discipline and engineering. human ecology and the adult females motion. Without an activity and merely reading about history of nursing I was least occupied with this subject. The most of import lesson I have learned in Development of Self as Nurse is human relationships sing the tools of communicating and ethic. values sing beliefs. attitude and spirit. Verbal. nonverbal. electronical. interpersonal. and curative are tools of communicating.

I believe these two constructs are of import to my personal development as a professional nurse by understanding the rule of supplying proper socialization processes which starts by nearing. communication and linking to a patient making a positive patient-centered environment. “Sometimes a patient will state us something over a cup of tea that may look fiddling. but that we can utilize to assist do their stay more comfy. ” says Julie Thompson. Head Nurse of Burton Hospital. “Relative feedback that suggested nurses over look the small things that can do a immense difference.

The Enterprises are little. but they are holding a large impact. ” Finding clip to sit down with a patient and speak interruptions down the barrier between the professional and patient enables existent duologue to take topographic point ( Friend. B. . 2013 ) . In order to understand others beliefs. ethical motives and values a professional nursing must hold cognition of one ego. “Therefore. understanding oneself consequences in ethical pattern. Using this pattern when a patient is unsure about their values by assisting them clear up their values by naming alternate. examine possible effects of pick. take freely and experience good about the pick.

Kozier et Al ( 2010 ) . p. 75 Assorted signifiers of communicating are practiced by holding cognition of interpersonal accomplishments and professional communicating. Using the tools of communicating influences effectual communicating accomplishments. a professional attitude. regard and self-respect. Expectations and issues can go present when pass oning with patients or other wellness attention professionals. I am inquiring how to get the better of state of affairss where an issue has occurred during communicating with a patient and how to pattern criterion processs to work out the issues. different influences including gender. civilization. and unwellness.

Gestural communicating can be expressed such as a gesture or touch and is important to nurse-patient relationship. This frequently shows how a individual is experiencing so what is really said. “Research shows that touch is the best manner to comfort. by and large from the shoulder down to the manus is the lone acceptable countries for touch professionally. ” Chillot. R. ( 2013 ) . Many facts influence effectual communicating and I question how to use and derive effectual interpersonal accomplishments? Having cognition of critical thought is really of import in the function of nursing which identifies consciousness of personal thought accomplishments and manners.

Always inquiring yourself in any state of affairs or scenario why? What else? And what if? This leads me to oppugn how to use critical thought from the schoolroom to pattern. Turning mistakes into larning chances is the key to skill development in critical thought. Throughout the class Development of ego as nurse I believe it has taught me how to calculate out my ain ethical motives. values and beliefs and to successes in assisting others to happen theirs. Tools of communicating open up a scope of affectional nurse-patient relationship and professional environment.


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