How Technology Affects the Youth Essay

A Lot of the youth today use technology for School , and to help improve our daily lives. It has also caused the youth of this generation to become lazy because technology encourages laziness. This has caused the minds of the youth to become weaker because they do not have to use their brains as Much. The increasing technology has made individuals become less creative and more dependent on the computer to supply them with information.

The constant growth of technology has a negative impact on the social lives of the youth today. Technology is a bad influence on the youth because it separates them from reality. Technology has a negative impact on the futures of the youth, because it keeps them from reality. The main reason technology is so popular today is because it gives us instant satisfaction, unlike something you might have to really work for.

Although technology has many good effects on our lives it causes us to disconnect room the real world, and form fake relationships with people we don’t even know, technology may seem very helpful in our lives, but the long time effect is that it makes us become different people and affects our lives especially the lives of the youth permanently. Technology has developed more in the past three decades than it has in the past century. And this generation of the youth are the first to grow up around this type of technology.

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Technology has caused the youth to give less effort into what they do. It has also become a huge distraction to the youth in their everyday lives. Mainly because of social networking sites and APS, testing, video games, music, these being Just a few of the many things the youth are mainly distracted by today. The youth of today need to learn how to harness the power of technology and use it for their own benefits. Many of the youth are so surrounded by technology today that they can’t even enjoy a nice moment with one of their friends or family.

Technology can be used for DOD, like to help study for example, but sadly that is not the way most of the youth today use their time on their devices. Another one of the big impacts technology makes on the youth today is making it so they don’t pay as much attention in class and on their homework as they should. The youth are spending an average of 7 hours a day connected to the internet. The bottom line is that technology is a big distraction to the youth and it makes them rely on their devices for information instead of using their brains.


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