How Successful Do You Want to Become? Essay

A solid belief system can take us a long way. Success has a belief system and when we can master such a system, there is very little that can stop the inevitable: massive achievements. Take a look at seven keys to unlocking success. Everything happens for a reason Successful people believe that there is a purpose behind every event or situation. Whether it’s a lesson to be learned or a change in your life’s direction, they believe that whatever happens was meant to happen. Thus, they make lemonade out of a lemon.

Instead of beating yourself down if something does not go your way, focus on the good that can come out of it. Yes, certain events are difficult to see a positive outcome, but you owe it to yourself and to your success to try your best to make the most out of any situation. There are many people that lost a loved one to a disease, only to become advocates for research to cure such a disease, as well as many victims of accidents that have not let their shortcomings in the aftermath get in the way of whatever they wanted to accomplish.

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Sometimes life does not go as planned, but knowing that everything happens for a reason can help you carve a new path towards a new life with new goals. Failure is not final Failure can be a learning experience. Once you submerge yourself into a culture that does not see failure as defeat, you take away an enormous chunk of negative energy from your life. Take responsibility for your decisions and actions It’s very easy to play the blame game whenever a difficult situation arises, but leaders are the ones that take full responsibility, whether positive or negative.

You may be tempted to deflect blame onto others but there is something empowering about accepting responsibility. This shows maturity, as well as a coherent belief system. It’s a symbol of personal power which is necessary to become highly successful. You don’t need to understand everything perfectly to be successful Perhaps, you have noticed that most successful people are well versed in many different subjects but do not have full mastery of them. They know what’s essential without getting into all the minute details of it all. You don’t have to “know everything” to succeed.

But, you do need to have an excellent attitude and willingness to learn and apply yourself. Your biggest resource is other people You should know that you cannot climb the ladder of success alone. Throughout life, you will need competent people in your life. A sense of team unity and respect is totally necessary in order to create the proper mood from which you can harvest adequate success. When you have a successful team working together, success comes easily. Work is play An important key to success is combining what you do with what you love.

You have to make “your vocation your vacation” as Mark Twain so eloquently said. If you view work as nothing more than a way to make money, then it will be nothing more than that. Sooner or later you will hate what you’re doing and feel disillusioned and burnt out. There is no success without commitment To achieve great things, you need great commitment. The most successful people are usually the ones that are the most committed. Success comes with a price. The ones that do whatever it takes (without harming someone or cheating) are the ones that accomplish the most and achieve the greatest rewards.


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