How Perspective Through Senses Affect Our Knowledge? Essay

What are the strengths and weakneses of perception as a way of knowing (500-600 words essay, concise, support with examples, select carefully, 2strengths and 2 weaknesses straightforward, 1 strength per para/1weaknesses per para. ) DUE DAY 7. (tuesday) Our perspective is basically the sensation we get through our senses and how we interpret these sensations. Our senses are made up of sight, smell, sensory, taste, and hearing. As living objects, we all are trying to survive by believing our sense and instinct.

However how far can we trust our senses? Is everything we feel, hear, see, taste and touch are real? Our senses are interdependent with each other. Researchers have made some experiments to see whether our brain could be manipulated to see, to hear, to smell, to see and even to control the amount of sensory we feel. The results of these experiments showed that our brain could be manipulated. For example, our sights are only limited to things that are obvious and caught our attention depending on which interest us.

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Gladly, this is enough for us to survives in everyday life, and let us not to get caught by anonymous objects around and cause us to topple over every time we take a step. Not only that, for athletes, after thousand times practicing, they are able to make a precision of their aims through their sight. However our sight also has a blind spot that means when we do get caught up with one thing that catches our attraction, we tend to not take any other objects inside our views.

Experiment taken by researchers also shows that most of the time we did not realize what we are looking or zoomed at. Our tongue is also one of the most important senses, without the sense of taste; the food that we ate would taste exactly the same. Researchers proved that human is very adventurous when it comes to taste. Each person has different sensitivity in taste, however the use of taste is basically the same. Taste allows us to realize which food is safe for our body. Sour or bitter are usually related to food that have gone bad, which is why most eople dislike food that tastes extreme sour or extreme bitter. However our taste can also be manipulated. When our eyes or our smell are given different views or different smells, our taste can be manipulated to taste differently. Our smell is probably not a very sensitive sense compare to any other species. In fact, only tiny bad smell can be define by us. As we grow up, we learnt what smells are bad and good. Some smells even could bring good or bad memories to us. We also learnt what are the sources of these smells so we are able to avoid bad things.

The sensation we get from outside world, and how we interpret it could affect our perception. Since we are babies, we are learnt to interpret which sensation we get are good and bad. Most of the time, two people whom have different ways of growing up would interpret differently. This way there will be no two different persons in this world have the same perception of what they see, hear, see, smell or touch. Therefore knowledge that we get would also have a different impact on each person.


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