How is a good alternative for companies

How cloud computing benefits Organizations:

The Harvard
article informatively discuss most of the benefits organizations see using
cloud, it is a good alternative for companies that don’t want to invest on

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Reduce costs – Organizations can pay for what they use, with
traditional servers that’s not the case as investment on server farms can be
costly for organizations.


Agility – Organizations will have a flexible infrastructure, no
investment on costly infrastructure like software/hardware. organizations can
leverage heavy usage with minimized outages.


Flexibility – Enterprises have an option to go with hybrid cloud, hybrid
cloud is a mix of private, third party and public cloud; this allows switching
between these sources i.e. from public to private cloud. Hybrid offers faster
computing needs when compared to traditional cloud and cost saving by giving
businesses flexibility.


Bigdata – This gives
companies to conduct advanced analysis on their databases, with increasing
competitiveness in both business to consumer and business to business products
companies want to conduct analytical tests to provide better consumer service.


Development of Software – With
virtual machines software development, testing and deployment can be faster
than traditional machines.


Better Upgradeability –
Organizations can save time on maintenance downtimes, updates and patches.


Security – Cloud is trying to
change the idea it has security concerns, hybrid can offer more security than
the traditional on-premise with increasing security measures from vendors,
still security will be a concern for organizations implementing this system as
vendors are still evolving and organizations should also take precaution by
giving access to the right people. Like every IT solution even hybrid cloud has
its downsides and again it all depends on the organizations to decide if this
technology will be a good fit for their use.


Easier Management – Smaller
companies and startups cannot manage/hire skilled employees to manage
infrastructure, so moving to cloud can offset work.


Scale Businesses –
Organizations can grow fast globally with cloud infrastructure.




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