How ICT has changed how systems work Essay

ICT will help Bin-IT because Bin-IT will make less wage errors, receiving fewer complaints. It will also speed up the process of making wage slips, saving money for wages, time and resources. It overall makes Bin-IT a more efficient company and the lack of complaints will boost company morale and make the work place better.

My software is very different than using a retail package with bespoke software. It is better for many reasons… For one, it’s much simpler to use and accessible because it uses software like basic spreadsheets and word processors which most people are used to, rather than needing to get used to a new proprietary piece of software. In my software everything like the fields and the layout of the wage slip can be edited to suit the user’s needs rather than just suiting the person making the software, as it would be with a retail software package. My software is much cheaper than buying a normal retail package as mine uses existing software that will usually come with your computer (or if not, there are free alternative versions of spreadsheet software and word processors on the internet).

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ICT has changed a lot in society since the early 90s. First of all, probably the biggest change that has occurred is the development, creation and mass implementation of the internet. This has completely changed the way we use ICT. This has brought things like reading news online, blogging, social networking, online communications (through email, voice chat, video chat and text instant-messaging) and online shopping. The creation of ‘chip and pin’ has changed the way we spend our money and store our details. No longer do people carry around large wads of money around thanks to these small chips that store data on. People expect that eventually everyone will have all of their personal data, ID included, stored on one of these chips. Automated systems like these have changed work places, reducing costs and making things easier.

New jobs are introduced with ICT. A lot more training is needed to specifically use ICT and the new developments in it. To work on computers you’ll most likely need good typing skills… The only way this can be trained is by practice. Users need to be trained with basic IT skills, knowing how to use basic software packages and trained to be able to use the software specific to their workplace and job. Most workers will need to know how to use email as almost all forms of work now use email as a way of communication between their employees, and customers for that matter. People whose job it is to manipulate data need to know the policies of the Data Protection Act as otherwise they may accidentally be breaking the law. Jobs are being lost due to ICT – more things are becoming automated and don’t need an employee managing them.

Things are much different in an ICT work environment to an old fashioned non-ICT work environment. In an ICT work environment there is much less clutter… Files are stored on a small hard drive, instead of paper after paper, in folder after folder, in filing cabinet after filing cabinet. Also using ICT allows work to be much more independent. People have their own work space with a computer. ICT also means people can work from home, using video conferences, online conversations and being set work to do from your employee via email.

Wireless internet means lots of work computers can be linked together to share information at the click of a button, rather than photocopying files for someone else in the work place etc. Because computers have ‘accounts’ – multiple settings and files can be stored for different people on the same computer. This has created the concept of ‘hot-desking’ which is when multiple people share 1 work space (because they don’t need it for long), which saves space, saving money and saves more money because of the fewer amount of desks and other equipment required. Without ICT this wouldn’t be feasible as people can’t just easily move all their files and folders from their desks to somewhere else, unlike in ICT where all you need to do is log out, and log in as another profile.


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