How Economic Climate Affects the New Managers Entering Any Industry Essay

In the present day, our global economic has stepped back and faced with many situations which affects with numerous organizations for many years ago. Many of huge companies were bankrupt and collapse, for instance, Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest US investment bank was collapse in 2008 from incurred losses of billions of dollars in the US mortgage market (BBC 2008). However, the global economic restoration plans have occurred immediately and it seem that they needs support from all levels of business especially from the base level. That is means we need a good manager to take a responsibility for this challenge.

Most of companies try to find a person who can take this duty and responsibility of their company and it is become the biggest challenge for them. Because a new manager has to face with many challenges, and just a little of them that can handle with challenges and lead the company to reach their goals.

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First of all, they are many challenges for new managers. The most important challenge that they have to handle is team member. New managers have to know their team member. Moreover, They have to know the abilities, aptitude, advantages and disadvantages of each person. Because team is a basis of the company. If the managers can make a good relationship with their team and make everyone in their team can work in harmony with others, They will be an effective teamwork. Teamwork is also important for the business as well, when some team members have problems, they will help each other. This will cause to the progress of their company. For example, Google inc., number two of the best global brands. Google has focused especially on employees. They have trained their employees to work with others as a team, help and support their colleagues. Moreover, Google design their place to make their employees feel the most comfortable. They have place for exercise, sleeping room, free meals and etc. (Levy 2013). However, The another thing that more important for team working is a trust.

Any positive relationship and teamwork in every workplaces is based on trust. It can be trust with colleague and colleague, or manager and employees. Trust is an important ability because when we lost it, it is hard to regain. Therefore, to get to the optimum relationship in the work place, manager and all of colleagues have to feel trust with others (Inside Jobs Coaching Company n.d.). In addition, having a trust and reliance is an essential skill for managers. Because this skill can make difference between boss and leader. Boss is a person who working only for monetary purpose, not treat their employees and he or she obtain power and respect from fear. But leader is a person who is trusted by employees, can lead all of employees to the right targets, responsible for inspiring and treat their employees (Hall 2013). Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., He was one of the most successful businessman. He always thought difference even though his company occurred problems, he still thought difference. However, his decisions was definitely right and suitable for each situations. That was cause his employees trust in him even though sometime his idea was an impossible (Isaacson 2011). In every situations and durations, the organisations need the leader to guide their organisations and solve the problems that no one can do.

When the company suffer with problems or some situations, good managers should have a good wide vision. It is an ability to see the problems in wide viewpoint. Because in some situations we can not solve the problem from its occur. Wide vision will help the managers to see what the problem is, why this problem is occur, internal and external environment factors which are affect to the organisation. And solve the problem in the right point. Tan Passakornnatee, one of the most successful businessman in Thailand and founder of Ichitan green tea. In Thailand, there are many brands have competed in green tea drink market. However, Ichitan brand can reaches to the top and defeats all of competitors in the market. Because he realized that, all of green tea drink taste are exactly the same thus he published many campaigns by used primary needs of customers to be a main factor of campaign, such as gold, money and cars. The reward will give to customers who can found the words “You get a reward” under the lid of bottle (Rinwong 2013).

In conclusions, our global economic has stepped back and faced with many situations nowadays. It is not easy for new managers in the current economic
climate. They have to face with many challenges thus they need an individual skill such as relationship with team members, can be trust and wide vision to lead the organisation pass through this economic situation.

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