How do Dinosaurs say Goodnight Essay

The children’s book “How do Dinosaurs say Goodnight? “, by Jane Holey conveys a tale that addresses the questions of how dinosaurs prepare to go to bed. Each page is filled with a giant dinosaur with some human characteristics and his human parents. On the first page we see a big Tyrannosaurus Rexes sitting on a bed with a toy train in his hand. We see a human dad standing in the doorway staring at his watch signaling that it was time for bed. “How does a dinosaur say good night, when Papa comes in to turn off the light? Each page then asks about behaviors that the insinuators perform before going to bed. Things like pouting and stomping their feet in hope that their parents would let them stay up Just a few minutes more. In the end, however the answer to the main question of how dinosaurs go to bed is revealed. The dinosaurs do not complain but instead gives a kiss to their parents, tuck themselves in bed and say goodnight. This book can be read to children ranging from three to six years old. It is a wonderful book to read to preschoolers because it has a great story line told in rhyme that will amuse and would encourage children to read along.

It comes with large and colorful illustrations with funny details that children will enjoy. The pages are fully covered with images which allow all children to see from different angles. In addition, the illustrator does a great Job in showing how large the dinosaurs are by using smaller subjects in the background such as the humans, beds and other animals. Other positive thing about this book is that, it provides a page both at the beginning and at the end of the book of all the dinosaurs that will be mention in the story. Then while reading the story, each page consists of different dinosaur with its name listed below.

This will help children learn the names of the dinosaur while enjoying a fun story. However, some of the names are difficult to pronounce so it would have been helpful if the author provided the readers with the pronunciation of each name. Furthermore, each behavior exhibit by the dinosaur before going to sleep represents one of a child. Being that the process of going to bed is different for each child; the author introduces the concept of diversity. This is also demonstrated in the variety of moms and dads presented in this story. Each character was from a different race, such as White, Black and Asian.

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Due to its interesting story line and use of characters, this book can also be used as an introduction too unit or can be integrated in a lesson plan. It can be connected to social studies by talking about rules inside families, especially rules about going to bed. One can beginning by asking the children to identify specific behaviors that are not good for bedtime. In connection to science this can be an introduction when talking about dinosaurs. While reading the story one can ask the children to describe he characteristics of the various dinosaurs.

They can compare them in terms of size, types of teeth, tails and horns, and other characteristics. For math, one can count the number of dinosaurs presented in the story and for literature and art one can have the children perform their own stories about dinosaurs or have them draw one. I would recommend this book for parents and teachers to read to children because it conveys a message about learning appropriate behaviors related to situations in which a child wants to behave in a way that is not always the most productive.

It’s a demonstrate when it’s time to go to bed, but then it demonstrates the good behaviors. All this drama of both good and bad behaviors is shown through a big creature, an over-sized childlike dinosaur. Children will not only be able to identify the names of various dinosaurs in this story but will also be able to identify rhyming word, match sounds and be introduce to both the concept of diversity as well as compare and contrast. Most importantly, this story will enhance children social development skills by illustrating the appropriate way to behave while going to sleep.


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