How did the Cold War begin Essay

The Cold War was “the battle for planetary power between the United States and the Soviet Union following World War II” ( History book. pg. 874 ) . The Cold War began by controversial wants and needs from two different states and several different “weapons” were used to contend this controversial war. The feuds finally kept constructing up. greater and greater. ensuing in one great war. Two states. the United States and the Soviet Union both took portion in combat.

The Cold war began for a figure of different grounds. One of the chief grounds this war began was that there were immense differences in the manner that the Soviet and the US led one another and the dissensions finally reached a concluding rise point. doing several feuds every bit good. public violences. The US was a democratic province where many parties could stand and elections were held. It was a just and politically right policy for everyone. “I believe it must be the policy of the United States to back up free peoples who are defying attempted domination by armed minorities or outside force per unit area. ” ( DBQ 2 ) The Soviet was a communist province. where the political party controlled the province. The people fundamentally had no free will.

More grounds as to how the Cold War started up would be affected by the misgiving between the two states. It started as far back as the October Revolution of 1917. When the Communists came to power. they created harsher ways of governing their state. which angered the US greatly. One last ground on how the Cold War came approximately was the US fright of Russian enlargement. In 1922. Russia combined with five other provinces making the Soviet Union. In 1936 five more provinces joined organizing an even larger Soviet Union. Finally the Soviet Union had about equaled the size of Europe. “All these celebrated metropoliss and the populations around them lie in the Soviet sphere…” ( DBQ 1 ) The US feared a new rebellion of a strong. independent. and powerful state. “I need to state that the universe state of affairs is really serious… Europe must hold a great trade of extra aid. or confront heavy economic. societal. and political harm. ” ( DBQ 3 )

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During the Cold War there weren’t truly arms used during the war. Traveling back to the term “Cold War. ” it referenced to non holding the war acquiring “heated” with arms of mass devastation etc. No Nuclear. Biological or Chemical arms were used during this Cold War. Alternatively. the states fought up front. or in some other type of non so violent manner. However. during the Cold War. there were some new arms that were created from both sides. During this period. the Soviet Union created their ain atomic bomb and the H-Bomb ( Hydrogen Bomb ) was foremost created in the United States. These two arms of mass devastation were non used. better proposing the phrase. “Cold War. ” If by any agencies there were to be a arm of mass devastation aimed at the opposing enemy. so the state responsible for the cause would hold to assist reconstruct. and fix any amendss caused. “They agree that if such an armed onslaught occurs. each of them will help the party or parties so attacked. ” ( DBQ 4 )

The Cold War was a five twelvemonth war against the Soviet Union and the United States. These two Communist and Democratic states had really different positions and ways of governing their citizens. One feared of enlargement. the other feared of the opposing differences. However. they both agreed on maintaining the war at a lower limit by holding to non let arms of mass devastation. etc. to come into the war. Hints to the term “Cold War. ”


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