How can Teenage Pregnancy be Prevented? Essay

Most adolescent women have no intention of becoming pregnant. Within the past ten years, pregnancy rates among teenager’s have skyrocketed and a solution to this problem has still yet to be found. “School sex and relationships education has very little impact on teenage pregnancy rates, according to new research. ” (Bloom, 2012) The increase of pregnancy has become an issue that has concerned American’s for the past twenty years. But the real concern we are faced with is what should we do about it?

Prevention of sexual relations is one of the toughest things Americans have tried to find a solution to. The problem is that these young girls that are faced with having a child at such an early age has to deal with many other things that come along with adolescent birth giving. These factors include financial support, giving up their education possibly, family support, social life, and even the crumble of some relationships. And women who give their children up for adoption or get an abortion have to deal with the emotional suffering that come along with these things.

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Although teenage pregnancy plays a huge role in our society, there isn’t a lot of focus on decreasing the number of adolescent births. Prevention to me means abstinence. Abstinence is choosing not to partake in sexual relations or any other kind of drinking or drug related activities. I strongly believe abstinence is worth the wait and could help benefit many women in the future. Unfortunately with the influence of the media, and the sexual exploited content surrounding our society, I think the value of sexual relations with a partner is decreasing.

Now the meaning of sex has little to no value and is over used and abused. Therefore since so many teenagers are engaging in sexual intercourse I think that safe sex is the answer to this problem. I think that the educational abstinence programs should focus less on railing minors on how they shouldn’t have sex, and give them more beneficial facts on being safe. For example, I am a firm believer in birth control contraceptives. Although there are some minor side effects such as weight gain and hormonal shifts, I believe the benefits are far more important.

I don’t think it’s fair for teenagers to be irresponsible and have a child that will live in poor conditions throughout their whole life due to their own parents’ recklessness. According to past research, the amount of teenage girls who have taken contraceptives have declined and increased the birth rate of teenage women by 16 percent. Therefore, further proving my point that sexually active teenagers should all be on the pill. If I could ideally fix the solution to teenage pregnancy I would start my own abstinence program but with different moral guidelines.

Instead of bantering kids on how sex is bad, I would actually inform them on how to be safe. I understand they do that now, but that is only a little portion of the education they teach. My solution to this problem would be to somehow get a law passed that if you are between the ages of 13 to 17 you are allowed without parental consent to get on the pill. By doing this, it would make more people feel less scared to talk about this with their parents and completely avoid being safe.

Parents can sometimes scare their children so I think if they are choosing to be sexually active themselves, then they should also have the choice of being safe too. Next, with this new program I would start I would go from school to school across the country and offer the pill with a highly discounted price. But first, I would give girls surveys and tell them about this discounted price before hand so they were completely honest on the survey. It is important that kids should not feel ashamed by anything that could help them in the future.

I would hope that this would get more girls to feel comfortable. I would also separate the girls from the boys, unlike most of the abstinence programs I have attended in my adolescent years. In conclusion, I think that abstinence programs should solely rely on focusing more on having safe sex rather than trying to convince students to not be sexually active at all. I would fix this problem by making the contraceptives available for teenage girls in privacy and without parent consent.


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