How Are in-Store Orders Taken? Essay

Assignment You are to prepare answers to the following based on the information in the text. Throughout this course, the primary source of information to answer homework questions should be the textbook. Cases are valued at 25 points each and questions/problems are valued at 5 points each. Chapter 1: Case – Fast-Food Feast (page 18). Answer all 7 questions in textbook and then consider: I chose to go to McDonalds (MD) and Burger King (BK) for this experiment. 1. How are in-store orders taken? Orders are taken in the same manner at both MD and BK.

Both are taken either from the front counter as a customer walks in or from the drive-thru window. Orders are then put into the cash register and transmitted to work station monitors where the food prep workers can see the products that have been ordered. 2. Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin? At both MD and BK, orders are half prepared and then assembled once ordered. For example, hamburger patties are pre-cooked and kept in a warming tray. Once and order has been placed, then the assembly of the burger begins. 3.

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How are special orders handled? Most special orders are handled in the same manner as a regular order because the assembly is done after the order has been taken. So, if someone ordered a burger with no pickle, the condiment would just be left off in the assembly process. Now, if the customer orders extra crispy French fries, the worker would have to cook a new order of French fries from the beginning instead of just scooping them out of the bin. 4. How are the hamburgers cooked? The burgers at MD are cooked on a fryer and the burgers at BK are cooked on an open conveyor that rides the patties over and open flame. . How are the hamburgers assembled? Hamburgers at both places are assembled one by one after they are ordered. 6. Is a microwave oven used in the process? There was a microwave oven in both places but I never saw it being used. 7. How are other common items, such as French fries and drinks, handled? The French fries and drinks at both places are handled the same. There is a person that is cooking the French fries, dumping them into a bin when finished cooking, salting them and packing them into containers as the orders come through.

The cashier is the one who takes the pre-packed fries and puts them into the bag. The drinks are filled by the cashier through the drive-through window and by the customer if ordering from the front counter. 8. Which process is the most efficient and why? Both processes were extremely similar but found at BK that once their burgers were completed, they were put into a specific chute for the cashier to take. Whereas MD only has one chute for all burgers made. 9. Which competitive dimensions (pages 25-27) has each firm selected for their process and which focus dimensions have they traded-off?

MD and BK have similar competitive dimensions. The both offer low-cost product in a quick and convenient time frame. They both have a trade-off of quality. Neither company produces a high-quality product, but consumers pay for it because of price and convenience. The difference between the two is the way in which each cooks their burgers. MD cooks their burgers on a fryer while BK cooks theirs on an open flame; each with a unique taste. Chapter 2: Problem number 4 (page 35). 4. Two types of cars (Deluxe and Limited) were produced by a car manufacturer.

Quantities sold, price per unit, and labor hours follow. What is the labor productivity for each car? Explain the problem(s) associated with the labor productivity. Productivity = Outputs/Inputs Deluxe car Productivity = 4,000 units sold/20,000 hours = 0. 2 Limited car Productivity = 6,000 units sold/30,000 hours=0. 2 The problem is that the labor productivity for each car is the same. This means that it cost the same in labor to build the less expensive car as it did for the more expensive car.


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