House Music Essay

Influenced by disco, funk, syncope and soul, house music has a prominent drum on very beat, 4/4 structure, and may also feature elements of synthesizer baseline, electronic drums and effects, funk and pop samples and vocals. THE CRADLE OF HOUSE In the early ass’s the only places where it was possible to hear traces of what is now known as House music were houses and garages. It has all began with the collapse of Disco music; people were generally intoxicated with hate and prejudice but there were two cubs which were ready to accept the new culture which did not care about race or sexual orientation.

The two clubs where The Warehouse in Chicago and The Paradise Garage in New York. The Chicago club was presided over by DC Frankie Knuckles; and the Paradise Garage in New York was presided over by DC Larry Eleven. Even though their styles were different, the two clubs and two Des were connected with strong fight against the prejudice. Eleven and Knuckles are childhood friends from New York. Michael Broody who was both, African-American and gay, was very successful in attracting streetwise African- Americans, Latino and punks.

Eleven was offered to come and work in Chicago at the Warehouse, but he has rejected that offer and that position was offered to Knuckles who eventually accepted it. By 1986 the house music has spread and there were not only two guys making it, but also many others. One of the new names was a club DC Ron Hardy who was well known for his ‘Music Box’ sessions. He inspired a lot of new talented and hopeful producers who brought their tracks to him, hoping that they will be played out at the ‘Music Box’ nights.

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Unlike Frankie Knuckles whose music was still very much based in disco music, Hardy played music that was a great mixture of different styles and kinds of music based on raw and manic energy. Inspired by him, in 1986 Farley ‘Jackhammer’ Funk started his own radio show at WEBB audio where House music was played every night. Larry Heard and Marshal Jefferson had their track ‘Move Your Body (1986) released and played on Farley ‘Jackhammer’ Funks show. This tune has become a House music anthem, and all of this has influenced House music to be released from the boundaries of gay and racial communities into mainstream and became international.

In 1987 Steve ‘Silk Hurley released a hit tune ‘Jack Your Body referring to the way of dancing to House music. In the same year Chuck Roberts released a new house music anthem ‘My House’ featuring the famous verse “…. And while one day viciously throwing down his box, Jack boldly declared LET THERE BE HOUSE’ EUROPE EXPLOSION By 1987 house music has spread and became a part of the global music scene thanks to radio shows and music charts. By 1991 it became extremely popular in Europe, especially in the I-J where the first place to listen to House music was a club called ‘Hacienda’.

The clubs that followed this tradition were ‘Chooms’, ‘Spectrum’ and ‘Delirium’. Everything was acquired, from the sound to the energy. Even Frankie Knuckles, who had experienced many different performances from the early singings of House music, said that the atmosphere and the energy in Europe and the I-J were similar to that in Chicago. By that he meant that the feedback he had received from the people was very spiritual as it has been the church for them. Frankie Knuckles) After European invasion, and after becoming mainstream, house music became Marshall Jefferson, knew that something had to be done so they have decided to create a new sound by using Roland TAB 303 bass synthesizer (the instrument that has appeared in the 1983 in disco via Alexander Robotic). It was a sound which hen emitted from the machine swirl it stabs across House music 4/4 beat and that was completely overpowering the listeners. The first Acid House record was released in the same year by the group of artists formed by Nathan “DC Pierre” Jones, Earl “Spanks” Smith Jar. And Herbert “Herb J” Jackson. It was created by experimenting with Roland TAB 303. The Record was called ‘Acid Tracks’ and it was played for the first time by Ron Hardy at the Music Box. The name originated from the hallucinogenic effect it had in the clubs, for e. G. One of the first I-J clubs where Acid House was introduced was Loon’s ‘Chooms’ opened by Danny Rambling and his wife in 1987, which was extremely exclusive and featured thick fog, and a dreamy atmosphere alongside Acid House.

Ramblings friend, Nick Holloway, who he had been working with on Bias over the summer, has also opened a club called ‘Trip’ in 1988 which was made especially for the Acid house music scene. FUSION After Acid House was created in 1987, a lot of different styles were emerging and none of them has developed entirely until Progressive House came along in the early ass’s. Progressive House was originated in the I-J. The term, itself, was created by Doom Phillips who was the editor of the British music magazine ‘Maxima’ who used it in the review of ‘Guerilla Records’ new album release.

Progressive House was popularized in the club ‘Renaissance’ opened in 1992 in Mansfield, I-J, where resident Des were John Deigned and DC Sash. As well as original House music, Progressive also has 4/4 drum structure and a similar tempo. However, baselines are deeper and tubbier and it has more emotional melodic edge. Due to these and other characteristics this form of electronic music became synonymous with open mindedness in music and in readiness to accept new sound.

Many dance music genres have developed sub-genres based on this idea, including Progressive Breaks and Progressive Trance. In the late sass’s the fusion of House music with another big genre of electronic music has occurred. It was Techno, which combined with House music produced so called Tech House. However, it is seen as having much more in common with Deep House, Detroit Techno and Minimal Techno. The term Tech House was originally coined by a London DC and producer Mr.. C, the co-owner of the nightclub ‘The End’.


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