Hotels in the Bahamas Essay

The Bahamas has over approximately two hundred nine hotels in existence hotels; these hotels were established to provide accommodations, meals, pleasure and other services mainly for travelers and tourist, but however, Insignias benefit from hotels too. Provided in these rooms are either two queen size beds or one large King size bed, a cupboard, small table, air conditions, large flat screen televisions, pull-out sofas, telephones, radios, a safe, at times mini bars depending on the room, faculties for making coffee and tea and Jacuzzi bathtubs.

A part from the internal treasures of a hotel room are the external features of the entire hotel consisting of entertainment such as Casino’s, live Bohemian Bands, swimming pools, beaches, a physical fitness center, spa’s where guests can get massage facials, manicures and pedicures, business centers, an on campus grocery store, day-care services, conference facilities, and ball rooms for social function services. Some Hotels in the Bahamas can be found at unbelievably cheap rates starting at one hundred sixty eight dollars especially for guests depending on the location and the all inclusive cage.

Furthermore, the Bahamas Hotel Association plays a major role in the hotel Industry. This association act as private non profit-organization being the official organization and its overall voice for the industry and its allied members of companies engaged in the hospitality program (Tourism today, 2002). A part from that, every association or company has a mission statement for its members and workers of the cooperation to abide by.

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Its mission statement states: Hotels in the Bahamas 3 “The Bahamas Hotel Association (BAH) serves the needs of the Bahamas hotel industry by providing a forum to facilitate the promotion, profitability, quality growth and security of the tourism industry consistent with the needs of the Bahamas” (Tourism Today, 2002) Most importantly the number one industry that keeps the hotel foundation tense is the Tourism industry making a major contribution annually. This Association is a representative for the interests of the country leading hotels and large companies supporting the industry.

Not including ten primary adjective AT I nee Bananas Hotel Escalation wanly Is to 00 eve rattling possible to promote, increase and regulate tourism through the cooperation, understanding and close association among hotel owners and operators in The Bahamas. (Tourism Today, 2002) In addition this company has a certain responsibility that is to serve as a chief advocate on behalf of the interest of the hotel industry in its relations with the Government of The Bahamas and all the other ministries, departments and officials making a contribution.

In order to be granted full membership with the Bahamas Hotel Association, a hotel must have a License, at least fifteen guest’s rooms to enjoy, and a senior manager representative whom workers appointed as active members. On the other hand, there is an Allied Hotel Membership provided for hotels with less than fifteen rooms that provide lodging for guests. This type of membership is provided for purveyors of certain merchandise and services to hotels for persons who market products and services to the hotel industry. The Bahamas has two common types of hotels they are Small charming resorts and Mega resorts.

To name many of the few resorts in the Bahamas some of them are: The Reef Atlantis, The Cove Atlantis, Holiday Inn Atlantis, Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort, Royal Towers Atlantis, Hotels in the Bahamas Nassau Kinkajou Resort, British Colonial Hilton Nassau, Paradise Harbor Club and Marina, Blue Water Resort Ghanaian Village, Coral Harbor Beach House and Villas, Coral Towers Atlantis, The One and Only Ocean Club, Beach Towers Atlantis, Harbor side Atlantis, Coco Plum Resort Bahamas, Gray-cliff Hotel, Red Carpet Inn Nassau Bahamas, Comfort Suites, Sandals Royal Spa and Resort and the Nassau Yamaha Resort.

Hotels in the Bahamas 5 Small Charming Resorts in the Bahamas Consequently there are various small charming resorts in the Bahamas, but majority of them are found on the smaller Islands such as Lutheran, Abaca, Berry Islands etc. What is considered to be a small resort in the Bahamas is a Hotel of no fewer than sixty rooms to as few as five. According to Hotels in the Bahamas “a stay at one of these resorts permits a delightful, albeit temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world” (E.

John Deluxe, 1995), therefore it provides an environment of tranquility from a noisy environment that can be rather annoying to one’s stay. In addition hotels of this size are visually attractive on small settlements all throughout the Bohemian archipelago sharing the various developments and continuity of cultural integrity. In regards to small Family Islands Hotels, they offer a number of services to guests such as intimacy having easy access to the village providing most of the modern conveniences including a post office, bank, beauty salon, and small restaurants “where most of what you encounter is authentically Bohemian” (E.

John Deluxe, 1995). In the addition, there is no doubt that these properties have easy access to beaches that guests enjoy for its Sun, Sand and Sea. These hotels also specialize in good fishing activities and diving programs providing all the needed facilities for the marine and yachtsman. All guests are assured of the personal service that accounts for the high rate of repeated, upscale often titled guest on these properties. Hence, “salary Tackle Ties In ten major roan areas AT Freeport/Lucas Ana Nassau cadre Beach Paradise Island all visitors to have their cake and eat it too” (E.

John Deluxe, 1995). Therefore guests Hotels in the Bahamas 6 can enjoy the best of the best aspects on the family Islands of the Bahamas with full access to the glamour, entertainment, shopping and variety that a very modern city has to offer. Figure 1. 1 is an example off Small Resort located in the Bahamas. Pineapple Fields Resort Figure 1. 1 is a photo off 32 unit boutique hotel located on the island of Lutheran commonly known as Pineapple Fields.

Pineapple Fields is considered to be the best and one Leather’s special Bahamas resorts in the Out-Islands. This small resort is situated in the center of sitting Hotels in the Bahamas 7 snug and is surrounded long powdery pink-sand beach. In addition there is a restaurant named Tippet’s too. Most guests spend their time either relaxing by the medium size pool that is not crowded or on the sand where they can rent chairs and umbrellas to protect them from the sun. Most People come here to let their hair down and chill” (David Barilla, 2003).

Persons choose this resort because the resort has all the amenities as compared to a large resort giving the feeling of an intimate home away from home. In fact these units are fully furnished and equipped apartments down to the tin foil in the kitchen promoting this feel. Therefore it provides surroundings for relaxation and is eve convenient because of the location whereas there is grocery store, restaurant and lots of great beaches. These units at the Pineapple Fields Resort are new, modern and pleasantly decorated. Hotels in the Bahamas 8

Dazzling Mega Resorts in the Bahamas “At the other end of the spectrum are the giant properties to be found in Freeport/ Lucas and in Nassau Cable Beach Paradise Island, which encompass complete resorts” (E. John Deluxe). In mega resorts a guests will be sure to find all the needed amenities of the super hotel. These amenities include drugstores, most often a bank, and shops offering designer fashions, Jewelry and souvenirs. Additionally, well-trained Bohemians and Europeans chefs with varied repertoires enhance the versatile kitchens of mega resorts and their several autonomous restaurants that are made pleasurable to all guests.

However, guests who have a passion for outdoor life and fitness will find great pleasure and various opportunities for sports programs, and on site facilities which includes gyms, golf, tennis, water sports programs and access to fishing. “Most of the major hotels in the Bahamas provide special programs for children which free parent’s for reasonable periods to pursue adult pleasures. ” Therefore, children are looked after by professionals who supervise the various water sports, and organize activities such as nature trails and crab races that delight the very young.

Furthermore, Mega resorts offer late night services for a “guest whose enchant is for the glamorous night life and appreciates the state of the art discos, ten cadavers , ten Intimate oars Ana In some places delicatessens staying open until the “wee” hours of morning” (E. John Deluxe) The Delicatessens cater to appetites who are participants of dancing or tense play shots at the Casino tables located in Freeport/Lucas/ and two others on cable Beach and one on Paradise Island.

A part from the entertainment they also offer or rent Convention facilities having allowed the Bahamas to compete for and frequently win many of the prestigious Hotels in the Bahamas 9 international conferences. These Mega facilities allow guests to enjoy the best of all aspects offering intimacy and attractions. Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas ” Based on the mythical tale of the Lost City of Atlantis, the Atlantis resort is a collection of hotels and attractions situated on Paradise island in the Bahamas”( Teresa Cooler, 2012).

This mega resort has been redefined as luxurious and has to offer various activities for the entire family. Because Paradise Island is known as an Island itself, the guests have many options in which they may choose their stay. These include, Royal Towers, Coral Towers, Beach Towers, The Cove Atlantis, The Reef Atlantis or Hebrides Resort. On this little Island, room rates vary by accommodations but, in June of 2009, rates were raised to one hundred ninety nine (199) per night at the Beach Towers to six hundred seventy five (675) per night at the cove Atlantis.

This resort has over three thousand (3000) rooms and suites to accommodate the tourists. Interestingly according to the article Facts about the Atlantis Hotels in the Bahamas “The Royal Towers is the stunning hotel that is prominently shown in all of the advertisements for the Atlantis Resort” (Teresa Cooler 2012. The Royal Towers must perhaps be the most suitable Resort located on Paradise Islands because of what the hotel has to offer. Figure 1. 2: An overall view of Paradise Island Mega Resort Hotels in the Bahamas 10 Figure 1. Interestingly, not only is the stay convenient, relaxing and peaceful for its guests, but Atlantis has at least twenty one restaurants.


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