HOSTEL a better formed person. Personal independence


education has become the most necessary part of life. The students are moving
away from home to different city, state and country to get better education. The
students when move away from their homes then they have to live in home away
from home i.e. hostel.  Hostels in
academic institutions are the epicenter of the dynamics of the campus life. The
life in a hostel is quite different from that of the home and every student
should live hostel life as it teaches very good lessons. Hostel is not only a
building where students from different culture, backgrounds, states and with
different dreams come to study and live, but a lot more. Hostel life teaches
infinite number of lessons and gives priceless memories for life. IMT, University Meerut, best universities in Delhi-NCR provides
such a life remembering experience of hostel life. Whenever the student moves
to a hostel in a new place, new environment, new people, in a new life and find
himself free to explore that areas which not dared earlier. Hostel life
provides various opportunities like get involved in newer things, playing
sports, going for road trips, internships, event management, preparing for competition
as students are free to think that they are not able to do at home. Hostel provide
students with newness in life as they are not a part of the same monotonous routine
is everything new, from the end of dependence, to old friends, to old
lifestyle, to living with a family and familiar people. The students are able
to plan the whole day as per their requirements as changes are the best
teachers. The interaction with the fellow students and seniors make the
students social, which teaches how to talk to others and make new friends. Students
learn to study the personalities of the people around them as it is a part of grooming
to makes them a better formed person. Personal independence is the another
thing that students hardly get at home they are the sole in charge of
everything from food, to waking up on time, to washing clothes, going out, time
management, money management, and other necessary things of life. The freedom
students got to live their own life in own way, on own terms and broadens the
mind, and makes a student fully accommodative in all circumstances of life. The
students learn to live together in harmony and mutual cooperation in one room
when one want to study and other want to sleep. The students learn the lesson
of self reliance as all odd works are to be done by themselves; even the
money/help is not available. Hostel teaches students the lesson of discipline in
life where everything will be done on time be it bathing, breakfast, lunch,
studies, moving outside hostel and many other. Hostel life is having certain
dark side also. The students who are having intimacy with parents,
brother/sisters they feel home sick and are not able to carry their feelings
and sentiments. The darkest aspect of the hostel life is ragging; the seniors
often tease the junior students which put both physical and mental torture. Sometime
hostel students get involved with the habit of smoking, drinking, visiting
cinema hall regularly and use of drugs. The hostel can become hell or heaven to
its inmates depends upon its management. A badly managed hostel is bound to
spoil the lives of its inmates. A well-managed hostel is sure to prove a
blessing for those who are lucky enough to live in it. IIMT, University Meerut, best
universities in Delhi-NCR has huge hostels both for boys and
girls with all facilities for summer and winter. Hostels also provide huge
infrastructure and facilities for the overall development of its students.

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