Hospitality Essay

Over the past three years, intense competition and challenging economic conditions have contributed to difficult times for golf course owners and operators across Canada including the Niagara Region. Group Assignment – In your groups become familiar with the golf industry in the Niagara region by visiting the Niagara Golf Trail website (www. niagaragolftrail. com). Based on the content in Chapter 1 on Micro and Marco Environments, answer the following questions: 1.

What advantages does a golf course receive by being a part of the Niagara Golf Trail? Do you think the benefits outweigh the costs? 2. If you were an owner of a golf course, what would you expect the Niagara Golf Trail to do for you to help increase your business? 3. Explain how the following eight (8) macroenvironment forces impact the Niagara Golf Trail. – Competitive forces – Demographic forces – Economic forces – Technological forces – Political forces – Cultural and Social forces Legal forces 4. Conduct a competitive analysis for the Niagara Golf Trail. Who are the Niagara Golf Trail’s main competitors inside and outside of the Niagara region? 5. What other amenities or product offerings could the Niagara Golf Trail offer to the golf consumer that would make visiting the Niagara region more attractive? 6. What recommendations would you make to the Niagara Golf Trail to build its brand awareness in the Niagara region and the Greater Toronto area (GTA)?


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