Honesty Essay

It’s easy to learn the difference between a good example of an honest person and a faulty example. Honest people show characteristics of truth, being sincere and a well-deserved friend. Honesty doesn’t come easily as some people perceive it to be. Anybody could think they’re an honest person without knowing what being an honest person is. Some important political figures in the world have shown good traits of honesty while some have not. It’s easy to see the difference between an honest person and a dishonest person.

While there is one political figure that comes to mind when thinking of honesty that stands out, President Abraham Lincoln, there is another that stands out when thinking of dishonesty, President Bill Clinton. President Lincoln, also known as “Honest Abe,” was an honest man who worked at a general store during his early working life. One evening, he realized that he short changed a customer so he walked a long distance to right the wrong with the customer.

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Another time he realized that he did not give another customer enough tea for her money, so he personally delivered the amount he owed her, to which the lady didn’t realize that she wasn’t given the proper amount until he showed up on her doorstep. Lincoln showed then at a young age that he had an integrity that was very positive and that he was a honest person, which lead him to be a honest president also. As the sixteenth president of the United States, Lincoln carried his concerns for the truth through his years at the White House. He was a very upfront and deeply sincere man.

Some of his collegues often wondered if he would ever lie. During the Civil War, President Lincoln stated “I ain’t been caught lying yet, and I don’t mean to be. ” For President Lincoln, the truth was not worth sacrificing for any amount of money, no matter how much it may have been. As the 42nd President of the United States, he was entitled as an honest man with a positive future to help America’s growth. Some republicans found him as the greatest president that ever lived, in their opinion, but he has also made mistakes like any man would do. Well, any man who doesn’t value honesty.

It takes only one lie to mess up a person’s judgment of who you are. If Clinton didn’t tell a lie in the first place, under oath, on T. V. in front of the whole nation he would have gotten some leeway but instead he told several lies to cover up the truth hidden beneath them. He tried to cover up the fact that he cheated on his wife. Lying to his family and the nation while in his presidency was the most dishonest thing he could have done. He did not fall into any of the virtues that make up an honest person: those virtues being truth and patience.

Clinton only strived to maintain his dignity and respect that he has lost. It’s simple to tell a lie, especially to those who believe on every word you say. However when the public knew themselves that he did indeed cheat on his wife and the women he cheated with called him out as well, proves Clinton guilty. Bill Clinton deceived his country first under the false truth. He repeated on several television programs that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman,” to prove himself right.

Clinton doesn’t deserve the rightful respect of the country if he can’t even tell the truth of the situation. Most people don’t understand that honesty makes the person and gives those around them a perception of what kind of person you are. If Clinton had to keep lying so he wouldn’t have to face the truth then he wasn’t really a man at all. He couldn’t step up to the plate and tell the world what really happened. It’s also due to the fact that he was most likely embarrassed by the situation since the woman he had sexual affairs with brought it out to the public.

Another aspect of being an honest person is also being sincere as well. A sincere person can read the feeling off of other people and think twice before they come up with a solution that won’t hurt anybody. Those types of people would know not to lie and that lying could only make a bigger problem if not broken from the start. Sincerity is hard to grasp for those who can’t think of anybody but themselves. That’s why for Clinton, since he can’t tell the truth, is not a sincere person because he hurt his family and those around who looked up to him.

Presidents take an oath into their role to better their country and live to the principles of the laws and govern the people the right way. However, if the president can’t stay true to himself according to his own family then that leaves the public to wonder how he treat the people. How could we trust someone in office to govern our country if he can’t even govern his own home? That’s why Clinton lost votes to even try to run again since after all the lies and that he was finally forced to tell the truth and took himself out of office.

Bill Clinton lost respect from the people during his term in office and now, these days, when anybody thinks of Clinton they think of his affair on his wife. He spoke the lie under oath and broke his trust upon everybody in his office below him. Bill Clinton was not an honest person at all at the time and he shows what happens to those who can’t be honest with themselves or others. If you can only lie to hide your embarrassment just so you can keep up your appearance proves you haven’t learned what it means to be an honest person. Bill Clinton didn’t tell the truth and he wasn’t sincere at all which led to his own downfall.


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