MS in Business Economics Essay

What do you hope to achieve in this course? I have taken economics courses in the past, but was never strong with the math equations. I am excited to improve this weakness of mine. 1 . What skills do you bring to the classroom? To your fellow students? Although I was an economics major in undergrad, I took many computer classes and as a result am very proficient with computers. I can use these skills when working with classmates as well. 2. How will your classmates help you achieve you academic and professional goals? How will you help them?

Hopefully my classmates will have stronger understanding of areas in which I am weaker, and alternately, hopefully there will be some areas where I will have a stronger understanding than my classmates. By working together, we can all help each other. 3. Why are you pursuing an MS in Business Economics? I am most interested in obtaining an American degree to supplement my knowledge on the topic and ultimately to get a Job. 4. How will the theory and training you acquire in this program advance your career and you company’s goals? I hope to learn new ways of looking at things which will make me a more well-rounded repressions at work. . Who is responsible for your learning? I am ultimately responsible for my learning. 6. What books, magazines and newspapers do you read? For business understanding I read the online version of the Wall Street Journal, as well as other online news sources. For pleasure I read fashion and travel magazines. 7. Who is you favorite poet? Why is he your favorite? My favorite poet is Alexander Services Pushpin. He is my favorite because his is the greatest poet in Russia. He has written a lot of great poems which touch million’s people’s soul. 8.

Which poem is your favorite and why? My favorite poem is “The Bronze horseman”. It’s my favorite, because it’s about the city where I was born. This poem has had a lasting impact not Just on me, but also on Russian literature. 9. Discuss the following forms of literacy and their relevance to your personal life and to your career: * Reading and listening: this is essential to all aspects of life not Just business. It is especially important to me because English is not my first language, so I have to work very hard to make sure I understand everything correctly. Writing and speaking: similar to my response above, I also have to work very hard to write and speak in English. If I am understood by my peers and my friends, it would be very difficult to navigate through life. * Mathematics: mathematics is essential to understanding the ways of the world. In addition to helping with my career, an understanding of math helps me to understand the political discussions on the news almost every day. * Finance: similar to my response above, an understanding of finance is essential both to my career and to understanding the politics that govern our lives. 0. Who do you do business with? Why do you do business with them? Sometimes I do business with people because I nave no sconce- teen nave something I need Ana can’t get It elsewhere. Toner times, I can choose from multiple suppliers and will choose the supplier that makes my life easiest, either in the form of lowest prices or best service. 11. Do you gamble? No, I don’t 12. What percentage of your income do you save? Currently my income is very low since I am a student, so there is often nothing left to eave after paying all of my bills.

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In the future, I hope to have enough income that I also will be able to save. 13. What forms of assets do you have? Aside from unimportant physical goods, I Just have some cash, checking, savings and also I consider my college degrees as assets. 14. What forms of debts do you have? I have credit cards. 15. When you deposit money at the bank, what do you hope the bank will do with you money? I hope they will keep it safe and return it when I ask for it. 16. What are the major costs and fees associated with you checking/saving accounts?

I only have a minimum balance fee on my checking account. 17. Why do less liquid assets fetch a higher yield? The company can put it to a better use when they don’t have to worry about paying it back right away. 18. What are you goals? I Just want to be successful in life and happy. 19. What are your dreams? My dreams are to get a great Job and one day to have a great family. Help you? You can teach me things that I don’t know. 21 . How can we help each other? 20. How can I You can help me by teaching me things that I don’t know. I can help you by providing feedback.


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