Holden Caulfield in “Catcher in the Rye” Essay

Holden Caulfield. in The Catcher in the Rye. is much like the typical adolescent of today. Throughout the novel. Holden goes through jobs that many modern adolescents can associate to. Holden is a lonely adolescent who struggles to happen way in life. His actions are really similar to those of adolescents today. Some of import features Holden portions with modern adolescents are his yearning to be free and independent. his battle between childhood and maturity. and the fact that he is lost and does non cognize what he wants to make in life. Besides. like many adolescents today. he has to cover with things such as sex. force. and intoxicant.

A large job Holden goes through is his battle between childhood and maturity. He is 16 old ages old. which is the age when a individual is about an grownup. yet still a kid. A kid who is guiltless. supported by his parents. and is non yet ready or possesses the adulthood to travel out into the universe and fend for himself. This battle is symbolized by Holden’s grey hair. This is something many adolescents face today.

Like many modern adolescents. Holden wants to be independent. He wants to do his ain determinations and live on his ain. He has lived in schools most of his life. off from his parents. When Holden gets kicked out of Pencey. and he knows that his parents will happen out. he decided to travel back place after they do. in order for his parents to hold dealt with the intelligence. This shows how Holden does non look for aid from his parents. He wants to cover with the job himself by using himself his following twelvemonth in school. Another illustration of Holden’s need to be independent is when he suggests to Sally that they go off someplace and unrecorded together.

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On page 132. Holden says “How would you wish to acquire the snake pit out of here? Here’s my thought. I know this cat down in Greenwich Village that we can borrow his auto for a twosome of hebdomads. He used to travel to the same school I did and he still owes me 10 vaulting horses. What we could make is. tomorrow forenoon we could drive up to Massachusetts and Vermont. and all around at that place. see. It’s beautiful every bit hell up at that place. It truly is. ”…”We’ll stay in these cabin cantonments and material like that till the dough runs out. Then. when the dough runs out. I could acquire a occupation someplace and we could populate someplace with a creek and all and. subsequently on. we could acquire married or something. I could chop all our ain wood in the wintertime and all. ” Holden longs to travel off and be independent.

Like adolescents today. Holder had to cover with intoxicant. sex. and force. Like any male adolescent today. Holden thinks about sex. He wants to see it and says that he had had many chances to make so. although he ne’er had sex. Holden. desiring comfort and fondness. invites a cocotte to his room. but ne’er has sex with her.

A large job among adolescents presents is force. This is a job that is really hard to work out and sometimes can non be avoided. There are times in the novel when Holden faces force. like when he gets in a battle with Stradlater.

Throughout the novel. Holden turns to alcohol when he gets down. He obtains it really easy. and gets rummy at one point. This occurs often among adolescents today. They feel that intoxicant will do them older and give them adulthood.

These are the ways in which Holden is really similar to the typical adolescent of today. His features. feelings. and actions are those that many adolescents can associate to. Problems that Holden trades with throughout the novel are jobs that many adolescents face in their mundane lives. Feelingss that Holden has are like those of modern adolescents. who are in many ways. merely like Holden.


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