Hinduism and Buddhism Essay

Shenanigan www In world culture, there are various religious. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with around 970 million followers, while Buddhism, originating in the India, the same place with Hinduism, has approximately 350 million Buddhists. This essay will firstly discuss features of Reincarnation and Non-violence’s in both religion, and then argues that caste system is an area which is sustainable difference.

In Hinduism and Buddhism , the aim of the reincarnation is escaping from the cycles of suffering , forever, they differs in terms of whether they can possibly escape from the sorrow in the current life. More exactly, Hinduism and Buddhism regard life as pain and suffering. Only if they abide by certain path will the suffering end. In Hinduism, the approach to attain salvation is primarily evaluated by how well one achieved his dharma in the past life. Dharma is a natural regulation, which is controlled by caste.

In Buddhism, Buddhists must abide by the Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. The purpose of the four Noble truths enables Buddhists to believe life is suffering, and he root of suffering is desire. The only way to end the suffering is eliminating desire and strictly followed Eightfold Path. Eightfold Path meaner five rules to live by. The five rules are Killing, stealing, lie, sex misusing, and alcohol or other drug are not allowed. However, Hindus cannot attain the heaven in this life, no matter how hard you battle against it. They might realize it at the next cycle of rebirth.

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Buddhists have a strong belief that after many cycles of birth and death, it is possible for them to achieve ‘Nirvana’ (similar as ‘untouchable’) in the future. Non-violence is a concept accepted by Hinduism and Buddhism; however, cow has a high status in India Union. Both religions respect all creatures, since it is believe that the animal is another form of rebirth. Therefore, there are a large section of vegetarians. However, In Hinduism, Cow is the most respected animal in Hindus society, and government has particular laws to forbid killing cow all over around the India Union.

The reason might be some Vivid people and their following generations live largely on the cow for milk and airy products, and cows play a crucial role in the cultivation and irrigation. However, in Buddhism, one of the rules in Eightfold path is no killing. That might lead to the birth of the non-violence. Hinduism and Buddhism differ that Hinduism has a caste system, whereas the Hinduism emphasizes the equality principle. Hindus are born with certain caster . They could not advance in a higher consciousness at the present life, and they cannot choose their profession, and even do not have any individual freedom.

As a consequence of the cruel hierarchical system, Buddhism came into being in order to struggle against it. In conclusion, both religious believe in reincarnation. However, the pessimism of Hindu reincarnation is replaced by a more optimistic and less fatalistic ‘(SEAS, 2013) Hindus in a relatively lower caste accept their miserable life as the inequality of the previous life , whereas in Buddhism ,anyone can possibly enter Nirvana at the present life no matter how lowly the social background is . SEAS, 8 week pre-seasonal student course book ,2013,pop


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