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Explain the points of position of different stakeholders seeking to act upon the purposes and aims of two contrasting Administrations ( M1 ) You must explicate the points of position of the different stakeholders and link the points of position with the purposes and aims of each concern. You need to research all facets and investigate external influences that affect your chosen concerns. for illustration. supply and demand. authorities statute law. economic system and societal factors. * Introduction – start the assignment by depicting why stakeholders have different positions. They all want their ain manner. see illustrations below to help… * You need to look at TWO companies ( Tesco and AKA )

* Suppliers – want the best monetary value for their merchandise ( eg husbandmans and milk monetary values. Tesco want to give them 21p. husbandmans want 25p – how will this affect Tesco’s purposes and aims? ( net income. being the best retail merchant. offering value for money ) for AKA – the providers want to present a merchandise at a certain clip. AKA merely open from 1pm – this affects providers as they have other bringings and may blow clip waiting for AKA to open. hence non worth the order. * Customers – they want the best quality for the best monetary value. they invariably research rivals and merely purchase the best. They demand particular offers. first-class client service and for large companies to travel the excess stat mi for them. How is this different to providers or employees point of position? AKA – the clients want more categories. more Sessionss. cheaper dance categories. – this goes against the proprietors as she wants to do a net income and hold a minimal Numberss of people go toing categories otherwise she won’t screen costs.

* Local community – they want clean environment. quiet peaceable life country. no rubbish – how will this influence aims and aims? And how is this different to the other positions eg. directors who want to do a net income non pay for bins or program for early forenoon bringings ) . For AKA. local community want a topographic point to travel and see but auto park blocks a whole route when a show is on! * Shareholders and Directors – they want net income and high dividends – how does this comparison to the other stakeholders? For AKA. this is non relevant. * Government – they want people to be employed in UK. they want to obtain revenue enhancements from big companies. they have enterprises to use more immature people or school go forthing age – how does this affect Tesco’s purposes?

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For AKA – Government offer grants to AKA – authorities want little concern to prosecute sections of the community eg ( autistic people ) this may non be the tract the proprietor wants to travel – she may desire to work with aged people – how will the footings of a grant influence AKA’s aims? * Trade Unions – they want just. equal wage and footings and conditions for all employees. how does this differ from stockholders that want net income? For AKA. this is non relevant.

* Employees – they want good working conditions. fillips. good vacations – this contradicts against stockholders who want net income. or directors who want to pass money on merchandises non employees staff suites or cabinets. AKA – employees may desire better wage to vie with larger dance categories like Zumba franchises – proprietor can non afford the higher rewards so they have conflict. * Now conclude – this is where you summarise the different sentiments of stakeholders and how of import they are in doing purposes and aims for EVERYONE non merely proprietors or clients.

Remember – this is a MERIT undertaking – grade C tantamount – item and rating is the key!


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