Hell Essay

In Malaysia have skyrocketed due to the presence of foreigners. They are involved serious crimes such as causing death, manslaughter, bodily injuries and using firearms and other weapons. The police cannot do much as there Is no proper identification of illegal immigrants who come into the country on the pretext of looking for Jobs. Wayside robberies, extortion, gang-rapes, drug smuggling and human trafficking are common due to the presence of foreigners. Counterfeit currency has affected the image of Malaysia.

Illegal form the African sub-continent are responsible for forgery ND counterfeiting. Immigrants from neighboring countries who enter Malaysia Illegal are Involved In vehicle thefts, violent bank robberies and burglaries. These criminals do not fear the police because they are heavily armed and some of them have served the armed forces in their respective countries. Vice activities are thriving due to the presence of “China dolls” who enter using tourists visas and play their flesh trade. These sex workers are carriers of sexually transmitted diseases and put the lives and healthy of Malaysian in danger.

Illegal ambling and prostitution dens are mushrooming everywhere due to the foreigners. Many foreigners have the expertise of forging Malaysian passports and identify cards. Numerous cases of forgery have affected the local people where there have been identification thefts which resulting in frauds and economic loss. The innocent Malaysian become easy victims of these crooked minded foreigner who will stop to all levels to get their ways. Cases of kidnapping and abduction have risen as foreign students victimize local students, This Is serious threat to the safety of all Malaysian.

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Middle eastern men have sweet talked Malaysian women into drug mules with promises of love, luxury and wealth. These gullible women are behind bars locally and In foreign countries, More women will become easy victims if we do not nip the problem in the bud. Foreign confidence trickster have lured local women in to the flesh trade too. The increase in crimes involving arson, vengeance and impersonation is also due to the presence of foreigners. Illegal Manner’s have stayed protests and burnt down detention camp in their fight to stay in Malaysia permanently.

Most of them carry forged united Nations refugee cards and are Involving In drug dealing as well as robberies. South Americans have been involved in burglaries in condominiums and luxury apartments. They are known to be “cat burglars” who scale high-rise buildings to 1 OFF Malaysian need to be vigilant at all times now for the presence of foreigners has put their lives in danger. It would immediate and appropriate action like what the Royal Malaysia police did by arresting the fanatical foreign sect leader and his members in Combat, Koala Lump recently.


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