Healthy Hungar Act Essay

Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act They are many different schools across the nation this school year using the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. This next school year 2014-2015 will have even more schools Joining in on this federally funded program. The big cities using this program this year are Boston, Detroit, and Washington D. C. This act has to be one of the best programs I have read about, In my opinion this is great even though some people feel if families can afford to pay for meals they should.

That’s all great but truthfully these schools have been missing out on uncial funding from the government because families that cannot afford to pay for lunch or breakfast do not fill out the proper paperwork. This is costing schools over 325,000 dollars in the local Boston area alone. These forms are usually invasive and families decide to not fill them out.

There is also the pride factor of the Mom and Dad not wanting to depend on the government and pay for school lunches or pack their kids food. Thus, making it a burden on that kid not getting the nutrition needed since only 1% of packed lunches provide the proper nourishment a kid needs. The program alone makes the playing field for all kids more equal in my opinion and kids don’t have to worry about being bullied also because their parents are poor.

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Eve seen in school where kids get picked on because they received reduced or free lunches, this would eliminate that by making it all free for everyone. In conclusion, I feel that this program should be implemented across the U. S. The program will make kids healthier, smarter, and more united with one another because all the kids will be eating the same meals. This could catch up the U. S. Globally in education.


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