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Haymarket Bombing- The Haymarket Bombing was a bombing in which workers and policemen were hurt and killed during labor demonstration in Chicago. This occurred on May 4, 1886. It all started when someone threw a bomb at the police. The incident caused backlash against labor activism.Cult of Domesticity- The Cult of Domesticity was a 19th century belief of gender roles. The middle and upper class believed that since men were busy working, women should focus on making a supportive, warm, household. This led to increased hiring of female servants.Sweatshop- A sweatshop is a workshop or factory where workers are employed for a very very little wage and extremely large hours, in horrible conditions. This was commonly a clothing store. “Sweatshop” term first used in 1850 which describes the workplace as a sweating system of workers.Ellis Island- Ellis Island was in immigration facility in New York Harbor that began January 1, 1892 after the federal government took over immigration in 1890. Ellis Island was used to process new immigrants coming to New York City. In the late 19th century 75% of European immigrants came to America through New York, Ellis island.Great Railroad Strike- The Great Railroad Strike was nationwide strike that started in 1877 with a man from West Virginia railroad who protested against wage reductions. This first included 600,000 workers and quickly spread to Pittsburgh and Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco. President Rutherford had to use federal troops to stop the strike.GHOST DANCE- The ghost dance was suppose to bring back Indian way of life and supposedly they saw visions. This dance scared the white people and the US didn’t approve of it and arrested sitting bull, their chief. The dance was created in 1889 by Paiute Shaman Wovoka and combined Christianity and Indian religion to create this dance for resistance.14th AMENDMENT- The 14th amendment was first passed in 1866 on June 13. This was passed by Congress and effected the lives of black Americans forever. This amendment was so significant because it gave citizenship and equal rights to African Americans and slaves.wounded knee- was a violent massacre in 1890 against the Sioux Indians by the American Calvary. this massacre occurred when Americans arrested the Indian chief sitting bull and tons of Indians came to sitting bull’s deathbed. American slaughtered over 300 Indians.gospel of wealth- promoted by Andrew Carnegie and an essay and 1889. They suggested that wealthy people act as helpers for the poor and that hard work leads to wealth.social Darwinism- Theory in the late 1900s from the work of Charles Darwin, William Graham, and Herbert Spencer. They developed this theory that the Poor Were Poor because they were not fit to be anything else because the government glorified wealth and inequality. Wealth was a sign of “fitness” and poverty a sign of “unfitness”.Knights of Labor- this was the first huge organization of America is working class. Their leader was Terrence V. Powderly and it was Found in 1869. Knights of labor tried to build a “universal brotherhood” of all workers and maintain the rights of working men.American federation of labor- organized by Samuel Gompers in December 1886. It was the first permanent national labor movement. The American Federation of labor tried to achieve immediate benefits for skilled workers. This was significant because Gompers believed labor had the most to gain by organizing skilled workers rather than organize all workers in an industry.GILDED AGE- The gilded age was what Mark Twain called the late 1870s to 1890s because of the increase in wealth from the industrial age. though there were social problems such as high poverty rate, high crime rate that followed the industrial success.Carlisle school for Indians- this was the first school for Indians, this was to “normalize” them to white culture. The school was Founded in 1879 by Richard Henry Pratt. Where they wanted to strip them from their Indian culture completely. The school taught indians different types of education such as life skills and agriculture for the boys.Manifest Destiny- this was an article written by John O’Sullivan and 1845. It was written to justify American expansion into the west. He implied it was God’s plan for whites to expand through North America and erase Indian culture and bring and white culture.


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