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Having the guidance of others and having them set an example helps everyone create their own moral and have a purpose of teaching that message.   The main character, Peekay from The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay is an excellent example of that.  Through the advice of his mentors and friends, Peekay discovers to not hide his intelligence but to be more confident of it to fight for the equality of races and gender.  Peekay is a very insecure boy and he always hid behind some type of “camouflage” to blend in with everyone else to become average.  However, as Peekay meets new people on his journey, he becomes more confident of his intelligence and fights for equality.Two role models play an important role in Peekay’s life, Doc, and Hoppie.  On the train ride to Barbertown, Peekay meets Hoppie.  Hoppie is a train conductor and an incredible boxer.  Peekay only knew Hoppie for only a day however from those twenty-four hours Hoppie taught Peekay significant life advice that always stood with him. “Hoppie’s dictum to me, ‘First with the head then with the heart,’ was more than simply mixing brains with guts,” (423).  Hoppie’s advice of “first with the head then with the heart” always plays a critical role in Peekay’s decision making.  Peekay now always thinks of his actions and makes sure to add his own emotions to it.  With this, Peekay begins to gain confidence in himself and starts to see the wrongs and rights of racism.  Once Peekay makes it into Barbertown he meets Doc.  Doc is an amazing German musician and is called the “Doctor of Music.”  He teaches Peekay to never conceal his intelligence.  “Doc had persuaded me to drop my camouflage and not to play dumb. “To be smart is not a sin.  But to be smart and not use it, that, Peekay is a sin. Absoloodle!” (162).  Having Doc there to tell Peekay to never act average helps Peekay build up his confidence.  This helps Peekay understand to never hide away in his own cocoon.  Without Doc being there to guide Peekay, he would have always stay in his own camouflage.To continue with, having such experiences happen to Peekay he is being educated on how to use his confidence and intelligence to stand up for others.  For instance, when Peekay was with Mevrou Hettie.  Mevrou Hettie is an elderly lady who is overweight who Peekay met on the train ride to Barbertown.  Sadly, during the train ride, Mevrou Hettie died.  However, before Mevrou Hettie dies she explains to Peekay how to have pride in yourself.  Which Peekay repeated to Mevrou Hettie as she died.  “Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed.  Courage is what makes you do it,” (124).  With this, Peekay is able to build up his confidence to fight for everyone else who can’t.  This shows significance because without that confidence Peekay wouldn’t be able to have pride in himself.  Peekay growing up had always been with people of a different color and gender and he’s never seen them as less. When Peekay was at the prison Geel Piet, one of the prisoners, greeted Doc and Peekay while cleaning the floor.  “Doc, who was no racist, and I, who had mixed with servants all my life, both returned his greeting,” (211).  Having Peekay greet Geel Piet shows how he doesn’t care what gender or color you are.  Peekay will see you as an equal person.  However, if Peekay didn’t greet Geel Piet it would show that Peekay is a racist and sees Geel Piet as another kaffir.  Ergo, without having Doc setting an example for Peekay, he would have never learned to be equal to others and to stand up for them.Peekay has many experiences of racism growing up.  One of them would be when he headed down a Prison to be taught boxing.  After a good fight, everyone was proud of Peekay winning.  Peekay was asked by one of the Lieutenants, Lieutenant Smit to take a picture with and Geel Piet whos a black guy and Doc. That’s when Peekay realizes the significance of the inequality of races.  “The photograph captured the exact moment when I understood with conviction that racism is a primary force of evil designed to destroy good men,” (265).  Peekay now starts to gain a drive for equality since he now sees what this could to do a man.  Adding to that he is now gaining an understanding that treating another race as less is wrong and it shouldn’t be done.  Another incident would be when Peekay was with Hoppie at a boxing fight and a woman greeted Hoppie, “Hoppie did not return her greeting, and I could tell from the way he looked at her that she was somehow not equal.  I had only thought only kaffirs are not equal, so it came as quite a surprise that this beautiful lady was not also,” (77).  Hoppie is showing that even females aren’t treated equally like men are.  For that reason, Peekay now knows how to set an example for others on how to treat genders and races equally.  Furthermore, without these experiences with Doc and Hoppie, Peekay wouldn’t learn the rights and wrongs of equality, thus, without having this type of knowledge he wouldn’t have the confidence to fight for these people.As a final point, Peekay as he matures started to become more confident in himself and his intelligence.  He learns to not treat others unequally from his experience and to stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves.  Therefore, from the advice and experiences of his friends and his teachers, Peekay uses his knowledge with confidence to stand up for gender and race equality.


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