Hate Crimes Essay

A hatred offense is an act of force. a menace. torment. or belongings harm motivated by dogmatism and bias against the existent or sensed race. colour. faith. national beginning. gender. disablement. or sexual orientation of another group or single. These Acts of the Apostless are non merely against the victim ( s ) . but besides the peculiar group as a whole. Hate offenses are really common and frequently times it is difficult to state whether or non the offense is motivated by hatred. I chose this subject because I was watching a Television show call Criminal that told true narratives of hate offenses. The 1 that got me interested was “Punks vs. Preps. ” there had been an ongoing feud between the two groups. which ended in a adolescent losing his life. This episode showed one of the many instances of hatred offenses that have plagued our state. Watching it caused me to turn funny about how frequently these awful events happened. every bit good as. what is being done to forestall future jailbreaks of hate offenses.

Many people assume that hatred offense wrongdoers are hate-filled Nazi’s or “skinheads” . But research by a clinical psychologist at the University of California shows that out of 1. 459 instances in the span of a twelvemonth less than 5 per centum were members of a hatred group ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. hatecrime. org ) . Most hate offenses are carried out by. apparently. observant immature people who do non believe their actions are incorrect. Sometimes drugs and intoxicant aid originate these offenses. but the chief factor appears to be personal bias. Personal bias is what blinds a individual from seeing the incorrect in what they are making. Most times this bias comes from an environment that sees differences as menaces.

The worst hatred offenses are frequently committed by people with a history of antisocial behaviour. One of these illustrations took topographic point in June of 1998 in Jasper. Texas. Three work forces. with gaol records. offered a drive to a black adult male with a hitch. After crushing him to decease. they dragged him behind their truck until his organic structure was partly dismembered ( hypertext transfer protocol: //hatecrime. org ) .

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Harmonizing to the FBI. about 30 per centum of all hate offenses in 1996 were offenses against belongings. They involved robbing. vandalising. destructing. stealing. and/or incendiarism. Approximately 70 per centum involve an onslaught against a individual. This can run from simple assault ( without a arm ) to aggravated assault. colza. and slaying. This type of onslaught has two degrees of hurt. on a person’s physical ego and besides on a person’s individuality ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. stopthehate. org ) .

Educated conjectures of the presence of hate offenses in a society are hard because each province defines and studies these offenses otherwise. The Hate Crime Statistics Act was enacted in 1990. but federal jurisprudence enforcement functionaries did non get down roll uping countrywide statistics until the undermentioned twelvemonth. Another obstruction to deriving an accurate count of hate offenses is that many victims are afraid to describe the onslaughts. This comes from the injury they have experienced and fright of revenge or future contact with the wrongdoer ( s ) . Another ground is that it is hard to place a colored motivation.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is frequently caused by hate offenses. Some symptoms are intense feelings of exposure. choler. and depression. larning jobs. and trouble with relationships ( both physical and emotional ) . Surveies have shown that some victims have taken every bit long as five old ages to get the better of the feelings. They may mend more rapidly if support is available shortly after the incident ( Punks vs. Preps ) . Hate crimes non merely impact the victim himself. but they besides affect the peculiar group the victim is from or thought to be from. When the consequence of the onslaught is serious hurt or the loss of a life so it besides affects the household and friends of the victim.

Racial Hatred is by far the most common type of hatred offense with African Americans as the group at greatest hazard. In 1996. 60 per centum ( 4. 831 of 7. 947 ) of hatred offenses were committed because of race ; two-thirds of these offenses were aiming African Americans ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Federal Bureau of Investigation. gov/ucr/ucr ) . The type of offenses committed against this group has non changed since the 19th century ; they still include slaying. cross combustions. vandalising churches. and bombardments. As for the other racially motivated offenses. about 25 per centum were against white people. seven per centum against Asian Pacific Americans. less than five per centum against multiracial groups. and one per centum against Native Americans and Alaskan Natives.

Cultural minorities in the United States are frequently targeted because they are thought to be new to the state even if their households have been here for coevalss. Other times they are targeted merely because they are seen as different from the bulk population.


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