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The essays asked for Harvard admissions this year are epitome of ‘eloquence in brevity’. They are simple and beautiful– tell us something you did well and something you could have done better. I can’t tell you how much I love this way of asking questions Well…Moving on to the analysis Harvard Essay 1. Tell us about something you did well. (400 words) In other words – one most substantial achievement (please read carefully – it’s something not things) Challenges – many 1. What is an achievement for you 2.

Which achievement to choose 3. How do I write it 4. How do I add some other achievements also in the essay without making it apparent Frist and foremost things is to decide and define – What is an achievement for you? They want to see why you call something an achievement. How you define an achievement also defines you as a person. Then, think very carefully which achievement you are going to use. The important part here is not only the magnitude of the achievement per se but also the impact it created on your life.

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Look for something which has had the biggest impact on your life. It’s Harvard – every super achiever in every country on the planet is going to apply there. So, hoping that you can simply differentiate just by saying that I did so and so – is kind of a long shot. So what we are looking here is that you show them how things which happen in your life (achievement) motivate you to do other big things (more achievements). This essay is where a good story can help you the most. Harvard Essay 2. Tell us about something you wish you had done better. 400 words) Essays, Harvard, MBA, Admissions, MBA Admissions, MBA Essays As per Harvard the key aspects underlying the School’s success include: The Case Method Introduced to business education in 1925 by HBS faculty, the case method is a powerful interactive learning process that brings the complex and dynamic realities of business analysis and decision making into the classroom.

* The cornerstone of the School’s renowned general management approach, the case method provides students with the transcendent skills, insights, and elf-confidence required to meet the interdisciplinary demands of real business situations. * HBS faculty work with business leaders at organizations of all sizes around the world to research and write more than 350 new cases each year, updating and refreshing about a third of course content annually to ensure relevance to current and emerging practice. * Nearly 80 percent of cases used at business schools worldwide are developed by HBS faculty. Pioneering Research Contributions range from the creation and development of the field of organizational behavior and marketing to key advances in understanding the nature of leadership, strategy, and decision making.

* The School’s research budget of over $70 million is entirely self-funded to ensure objectivity and to provide faculty with the freedom and flexibility to pursue novel and innovative lines of investigation. * Each academic year, the faculty authors or co-authors about thirty-five books, produces more than 300 academic papers, and writes a broad array of articles for general business publications.

Closeness to Practice The School’s commitment to being at the forefront of the current and evolving practice of business has led to education and research programs that reflect the realities of the marketplace. * Case studies replicate actual business situations and are taught so that students must work together to make difficult decisions under typical management conditions, including a lack of complete information, complex tradeoff situations, and time pressure. Research at HBS is firmly grounded in knowledge of business processes—in entrepreneurial companies and established firms as well as nonprofit organizations—and unconstrained by the boundaries of academic disciplines.

* In addition to being leaders in their academic fields, many of our faculty also have hands-on business experience as consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, board members, and executives. International Scope HBS has broad and deep ties with executives, scholars, alumni, and other leaders and their organizations worldwide. * The School maintains a network of global centers and offices in key cities around the orld-including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Paris, Mumbai, and Palo Alto-that coordinate research and build local relationships that help weave the School into the fabric of the global marketplace. * About 35 percent of our MBA students and over 60 percent of our executive education participants are from nations other than the U. S. , bringing richness and depth of international perspective to our daily case discussions. * Twenty-five percent of cases produced by faculty each year deal explicitly with international business issues. A Vital Residential Community.

HBS is the only top business school in the United States with a self-contained, residential campus that forms its own vibrant community in the heart of one of the world’s great cities. * The campus environment greatly enriches the educational experience of MBA students, doctoral candidates, and executive education participants by providing a host of opportunities for interaction with one another and with faculty beyond the classroom, for easier access to a range of on-campus activities and resources, for socializing, and for building lasting relationships.

Although it is one of the largest business schools in the world, our educational approach provides the advantage of smaller groups by centering on sections of about eighty to ninety students who remain closely affiliated with one another throughout their educational programs and beyond. * The campus is drawn together by its commitment to a set of core values, including integrity, honesty, respect for others, personal accountability, and a dedication to excellence-qualities that play a key role in developing the teamwork and sound judgment that are central to our educational mission.

Exceptional Resources Due to the generosity of its alumni as well as the continuing success of its own operations, HBS has exceptional flexibility in meeting the needs of its educational and research activities. * The forty-acre residential campus has thirty-three buildings with a broad range of dedicated facilities—including state-of-the-art classrooms, meeting spaces, and Baker Library, one of the world’s largest and most respected business libraries. * The educational experience is augmented by a sophisticated and ontinuously evolving IT system that seamlessly integrates technology throughout the campus. * The School’s unmatched financial resources have provided faculty and students with the flexibility to produce a continuous stream of innovations in education and research designed to meet—and anticipate—the evolving needs of business leaders everywhere.

Alumni The best measure of the success of an educational institution is the success of its alumni, and HBS is well known to have one of the largest and most influential alumni networks of any institution in the world. At present, the School has more than 70,000 alumni in more than one hundred and fifty countries around the world—a network that expands steadily with each graduating class. * HBS graduates are leaders in an exceptionally broad range of organizations, including entrepreneurial companies, established firms, government, and nonprofit organizations. * HBS alumni serve in a wide spectrum of industries, including consulting, financial services, venture capital, high technology, manufacturing, retail, and consumer products.


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