Harriet she later changer her first name

Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1819 in Maryland. Her birth name was Araminta Ross but she later changer her first name to Harriet, after her mother. She was one of eleven children from Harriet and Benjamin Ross. At a young age she was hired out by a master to become a nursemaid.. If she was caught sleeping on the job she would be whipped very badly. Her job was to stay up all night and attend to the baby’s needs. Harriet wanted nothing more than freedom. She always refused to help out the slave owners and would pay the price for it.. When she was only twelve a young man made a run for it and when the master attempted to throw a heavy iron weight at him he missed and hit Harriet instead. She had seizures the rest of her life. When she was 25 she married a man by the name of  John and eventually took his last name “Tubman”. After 5 years she made her escape and made her way to Pennsylvania. She met William Still who introduced her to the “Underground Railroad”. The Underground Railroad was an organization that was put together to help men, women, and children escape to freedom. After a while she made her way back to Maryland to rescue slaves. She made 19 trips and led over 300 slaves to freedom. Every run was successful. She was known as the “Mose” of her people. She continued to make her way back to Maryland time after time and each time she went she brought slaves back with her. She was very devoted to what she did and she wanted nothing more than for slavery to end. She was so caught in her work that getting caught never crossed her mind. She had rules well working the Underground Railroad. If any slave tried giving up or turning back she would leave them for dead. Harriet Tubman met a man named William H. Seward who sold her a house that later became her base of operation. She definitely knew a lot of abolitionists like the famous Frederick Douglass, Gerrit Smith, and Jermain Loguen. They helped slaves escape and gave them the shelter they were able to provide. She later became a nurse. soldier, and a spy. The Civil war ended and Harriet moved to Auburn, NY. Harriet and her husband built a house not that far from the original house. In 1908 she built a home for the aged and indigent. She worked there until 1913 when she finally passed. Harriet Tubman was buried in Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn. Harriet Tubman will always be remembered for taking many slaves to freedom. She knew what she was doing and she also knew it could get her killed but regardless of the circumstances she did what she had to do to save those many slaves. Harriet Tubman will forever be remembered for her courage and devotion. -Michael Barcelo


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